Sex Ed 101 (Part 3) : Fables and Preferences  

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7/28/2005 4:48 pm

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Sex Ed 101 (Part 3) : Fables and Preferences

This lesson is not just a lesson. Its a little bit of a lesson and a little bit about me so sit back and enjoy the lesson.. here we go:

FABLES and how they get started (I think)

Ever hear this??
"Its not the size that matters, its the motion of the ocean."

or this??

"Don't worry about them, just get yours.. they won't mind."

Both of these absolute atrocities of saying are all BULLSHIT!!!
Let's tackle the first one:

Size DOES Matter! If it didn't there wouldn't be doctors who perform plastic surgery on men's dicks to make them larger and longer. And YES.. I know this First hand since I have worked with doctors in the operating room to perform these wonderful little feats of science and medicine. No matter what men or women say.. size does matter because you can't paddle a cannoe with a toothpick. Don't ever ever EVER believe that bullshit line. I don't care if it is to make the other person feel better about your inability to penetrate her due to the lack of dicksize or the inability to get him hard. Women need something to FILL THEM! Not somehting to just kind of hit and miss here and there. If she wanted that, she'd be a lesbian (and even then they have a sizable strap-on).

Oral sex is NOT a substitution for a cock. It is fore-play. They wouldn't put it in that category if it were penetrable sex. Oral sex is nice to get her wet and ready for that long hard shlong you are gonna put inside her tight little hole. Nothing more. Accept it or not...but you know it is the truth. Women will not date a man who cannot penetrate her and get her off by normal means. Oral is nice but not everything.

Now.. onto the next sex fable : get yours no matter what!

This was sent to me by a reader and if you look at the comments made in the blog, I am sure you all will see who this person is.

I have never heard of a more selfish thing to do than to just GET yours and Not put the effort out to help the other to get theirs! That's just plain ass WRONG! It takes 2 to Tango and it takes both partners effort and stamina to get the job done. Don't ever leave your partner in a bad state of affairs because you just came and you are too fucking lazy to roll over and help her get hers!! Are you INSANE?? Or just a selfish bastard? You will never keep a woman with that attitude.

This is a perfect example:
My personal experience with men is to try and make sure to read them as best as I can so I don't get left out of an orgasm. I have honestly been able to teach my body to read his cock (if it is big enough) to feel when he is about to explode and I back off a bit to keep him hard. I have missed many times but I'll be damned if I don't try. I am very open minded and very verbal about what I want and how I want it. I usually get on top so i can be the one to keep the pace and make the pace of my sex session. For me, this is the best way of making sure I can feel his cock's hardness and his throbbing. It feels extremely hard right before he explodes and you can feel it litterally throb. You know you need to stop completely or back off alot at that point. Men.. it is you responsibility to let your partner know when you are about to cum so that if she can't judge it just yet with her pussy muscles, she can make that call. Women are harder to get off than men are and it is his responsibility to help get her off. SHE must be honest that if she isn't really in the state of mind to complete her end but wants to complete you, to be upfront with this and let you take over. This will keep the angry bedtones from entering the covered sheets of your love nest. Be thoughtful of your partner. Don't think "Everyone is responsible for his/her own orgasm"... that is just plain RUDE.

OK.. I was also asked to give some of my preferences when it came to my personal perferences to men and what I like in bed. Here it is:

* I like a thick averaged sized cock as compared to a long thin one. Long and thick is nice too but if it is over a certain length, it is useless cock. I am only so deep and so are most women.

* I love making love at any given time of the day. I prefer it at night so I can sleep better and i wake up in a better mood, but I love it multiple times a dat if possible and more than once a week: preferably once a day every day. But that don't happen so, I settle for the once a month thing for now .

* I prefer a man with meat on his bones than a skinny man. A man from the weight of 180 into 250 is good inless you are an NFL player and are 6'6" tall and 300 pounds of raw muscle.. THEN.. I worship you... LOL. I love men with muscles. Legs and arms get me more than anything. Cock could be normal everyday sized and the man could be bulging from the seams with muscles and I am completely happy.. and that's the down right truth.

*I am into a man who is romantic. God don't make many of them anymore. Men who actually give a shit about the woman he is pleasing and goes the extra mile to bring her a single rose and take her hand as she enters the car and goes to dinner in a nice restaurant with candles and good conversations. Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesdays are wonderful for the romantic stuff.

*I am into a man who loves to kiss and knows how to kiss back. I am an extraordinary kisser and love to meet my matches in the oral area. Don't just tell me you can kiss.. SHOW me you can kiss. And for God sakes.. BRUSH your damn teeth!

*Honesty and conversation is a huge turn on. A man who is honest, who can hold a conversation about anything, and could make a wonderful jeopardy contestant is cool. But Give me BRAINS and I am all over it! Nerds are a MAJOR TURN ON!!
I am a sucker for a man that knows his shit!

* Clean and well dressed. I don't care if it is a Versace suit or a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a bald head.. if you look good in it.. baby you will get me reved up tighter than a Harley Davidson!

* I love to cook for my man and love to stay in doors on those rainy days and just sit and cuddle and talk. Cuddling is the main thing. On the nice pretty days that the sun shines and the humidity isn't horrid.. I love the sea and the pools. I'd love to learn to scuba dive someday but I don't have the money, so I'll just stick to sex in the pool under the moonlight.

If there is anything esle You wanna know.. I'll post it.


AltumHunksUnite 53M

7/29/2005 5:38 am

I agree 100% on the "size matters" part. If a guy's pinky and penis are exactly the same size, I challenge any woman taller than 4 ft. 0 in. to say that it wouldn't matter.

Let me drive. I like the view

asijoe50 43M
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9/15/2005 8:16 pm

This gate may swing both ways though. I have never had any partner complain and I have pleasured all I ahve been with but size does matter and the womans "size" matters just as much as the mans. Sex with my wife is like sex with a 16 yr old virgin EVERY TIME. Her pussy is as tight today as when we met 10 yrs ago. I believe that people should find a "fit" for themselves sexually to be truley happy.

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