Next Lesson : Sexy Talk (and what we want to hear in bed!)  

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8/15/2005 7:06 am

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Next Lesson : Sexy Talk (and what we want to hear in bed!)

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen: This is for all those that keep being told

"You are about as romantic as a dead fish!"
"You never tell me what's on your mind!"
"Why can't I find a man/woman who says this in bed?"
"Where did all the romance go in life?"

This is a major problem for a lot of couples. I don't mean just male/female couples either. Homosexual couples have their fair share of shit they go through to make it work as well and it can be overbearing sometimes when you get all caught up in the day to day struggle and forget to actually use that brain and think of sexy things to say in bed instead of laying there like a "dead fish" or a "corpse" and just grunt a little or make absolutely no noise at all!

Personally, I can't stand someone who doesn't moan or grunt or talks a little in bed. If nothing else...just fucking GRUNT and say, "ohh baby, oh baby... that feels so good!" Atleast there is something being said!

Men, do you know WHY women go to chick flicks???

Its because we don't get what they give us! That is a man saying what we want to hear not only in bed but in general life.

The movies : Hitch, What Women Want, Top Gun, Titanic, and any other chick flick you can think of gives you PERFECT examples of what women want to hear in life. If you can make a woman swoon over you and fall at your feet and kiss you like she want to you from simple things such as words: You can write your own ticket for as much SEX as you want!!

Women CRAVE a man who can make words turn into chocolate or honey!

You adorable men out there who can't seem to get a date and look over and see that goth looking dude who can't seem to get chicks off of his ass... More than likely he either has an amazingly huge cock or he knows how to woo those women (and more times than not he has the moves and words to make the women want him like a tiger wants rare meat).

Things that have never been said to me that I KNOW would get me randy or get a man immediately laid are the following:

1. Compliments (example : *while looking me up and down slowly after getting dressed for a nice evening out* My god darlin, you look incredible!)
A great way to keep that mood going with that one short sentence is to wrap your arms around her hips and pull her in slightly and kiss her neck and allow her to make the choice of whether to go out and let the loins simmer some or stay in for lots of great sex!

2. Bed Talk (example : *while you are lying her down on the bed and you are slowly going over her body and giving her tummy little butterfly kisses* There's nothing I'd rather be doing right now than making you feel like you make me feel every day.) Lines like these are very good if you want her to feel appreciated and loved. When a woman feels appreciated and loved and even more, WANTED, then you have just sealed your cock inside her for a very long time.

***This is for the more raunchy of us who like a little agression in bed and love the sluty talk while having sex.

1. Name Calling (Example : Who's my little slut/whore/bad girl/bitch?) This can make some women, who can be very hard to make orgasm, cum like no woman has ever cum before! You have to know if she is in the mood for this and sometimes when you see her being more agressive and 'cat-like', you can actually get away with calling your wife/girlfriend/lover these names. I know there's many a day I love being a little slut or whore...

2. Role Playing (Examples : 'Bad Girl', 'Doctor's Office' , 'Boss/secretary setting' , 'Bad boy' , 'Master/slave setting' , 'Remebering the good ole days while you were a teen' , 'Nurse/patient' setting)

All of these and many more (along with some I can't name here) are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what people want in bed or want to hear in bed.

I am sure there are many of you whom lay in bed every night and think of what it would be like to have your lover come into the room wearing a French Maid outfit with a thong on or no undies on at all and cleans the room while you are just waking up in the morning and have that nice big pretty prick standing there waiting to be sucked, mounted and fucked well first thing in the morning.

And I am equally sure there are women out there that want to hear more compliments, hear little whispers in her ear of your affections and longings to be in her, and even more women who want a man to tell them naughty things in the bed.

Just like men love hearing women scream and moan and make noise in bed, women like to be told their pussy is the best in the world and no other pussy feels better than hers. Stroke the Ego while stroking inside her and you have sealed your pussy for a long time!


rm_happymike42 58M

8/30/2005 3:30 am

oh baby oh baby yes lets talk in bed soon

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