Next Lesson : Circumcision or No Circumcision  

eqdogett2 40F
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8/5/2005 7:23 pm

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Next Lesson : Circumcision or No Circumcision

Hoping that I spelled that right.. lol.. this is the next lesson: Circumcisions!

I don't know about how other women like it or not, BUT.. I do prefer the male being circumcised. For some reason it is much nicer when like that in my oppinion. It feels harder, I get better orgasmic results from the male being circumcised and for some reason.. it just looks better.

A nice circumcised cock is really pretty to look at. BUT I can say this much:

*Males who have NOT been circimcised seem to have better stamina than the ones with it. I have seen too many men that seem to have a better stamina ability due to the protective foreskin then with the men who had none.

But don't get this confused with pleasing ability either!

Men who are 'snipped on the tip' are usually the only ones who can get me off like I need to be gotten off. The ones who were not 'snipped' were usually MUCH harder to orgasm with due to the "NO FRICTION" problem.

Men without the foreskin have a tight, non-moving shaft that allows the clit to be stimulated MUCH easier than the men with foreskin. This is a MAJOR problem for the women who NEED that clitoral stimulation ( like women who's clits are too far from the vaginal cavity or are just much harder to make orgasm to name a few).

This is something that men need to think about if it becomes a problem to please your lady because it might be your foreskin causing you to 'foul' at homebase instead of getting that homerun!

Ask your lover about it if you are having problems.

Also, men.. you are more likely to have 'dick-cheese' if you don't keep it clean. And, Oh my God, can that be a BIG let down for a woman: especially if she is super clean!

No woman likes sucking on the leftovers of the day on your cock! Its just plain nasty!

But.. there are lots of very clean un-circumcised men out there and they are able to please most any woman due to their HUGE stamina and can more than make up for other men who ARE circumcised and can't hold a hard on or have pre-mature ejaculation problems.

It just depends on the man!

CaboWaboVHnut 56M
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8/5/2005 8:37 pm

I HAD to be circumcised at age 20 !!!! That sucked !!! The reason was a medical condition called Phimosis. Basically, it means that the foreskin starts growing closed !!! No choice, it has to go !!! The downside for me was that the foreskin protects the glans, which means it stays extra sensitive !!! After removal, the glans has to lose some sensitivity, or you couldn't stand the PAINFUL friction from your clothes !!! Just thought I'd share that with you, since I am speaking from experience !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

ih8usrnames 40M

8/7/2005 3:42 am

I don't remember when I was circumcised but I've read in some Tantric litereature that this event is actually implanted in my subconcious mind somewhere and causes me pain that I am unaware of to this very day.

Actually having a penis, I can tell you that mine is pretty easy to keep clean. The stamina on the other hand...well

Thanks teach. Have an apple

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