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Yep, yep,

Today I'm going to talk a lot of smack.

So if you're not interested in hearing me talk a lot of smack then you should probably go somewhere else and read.

I got to thinking about picking up women today, "picking up" sounds easy.

The other night I went out to town with the main idea being to "pick up" some nice juicy piece of tail to come home with me and help me get my rocks off. But instead because I was so focused on picking up I actually endded up doing the opposite, I ended up not picking up.

BUT, but but but, the next night I was sitting at home watching that movie with Tom Cruise - Minority Report. Then I got a call from a few friends who wanted to head out for the night, I didn't really give a shit about going out or not but I ended up going out. I could have gone out, and I could have not gone out.

But you know what ended happening? I went to town and really, truly and utterly DID NOT GIVE A SHIT. And all of a sudden I found my possiblilties for taking women home were ENDLESS> Crazy crazy crazy. It must be some kind of mindfuck that causes us males to become so caught up with catching fish.

That when we actually go fishing we end up getting a hook stuck in our foot and falling over the line and smacking our head on the dock - cuz we didn't even make the water yet. We were so excited by the prospect of all the cute little fishies in the ocean that we ended up petting the rabbit to hard and basically GIVING A SHIT and fucking up.


Low attachment to an outcome must be like a prerequisite for achieving things for humans. You can LIKE it, and you can WANT it, but you definitely can't NEED IT.

At the end of the day, we as human beings don't really NEED anything, we WANT things, but we don't NEED them.

A lot of guys today end up walking around the world thinking about how they NEED a woman to come into their life and make everything "click" or they NEED a lot of money, or a big car, or a big dick (ok, well that's a necessity.

but POINT BEING, screw that shit, we're all human beings, we're all alive, we can all breath and live and speak and do shit. That in itself is a god-given right to be thankfull.

All of these other things like wives, money, cars, mistresses etc are all icing on the cake.

Being satisfied with who you are, what you're doing and how you're doing it (be that in bed or in life) far FAR outweight POSESSING or CONTROLLING or HAVING material things and people.

I warned you I was going to be typing a lot of smack.


So morale of the post is that in life the key is to NOT GIVE A SHIT?

More on this next time....

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