Tall women turn my head  

epd_pdx 43M
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5/6/2005 8:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tall women turn my head

So what exactly is it about tall women? I dont quite understand why they have the hold over me that they do, but when it comes to 6' plus, I am right there.

So I walk into the store today, to get my coffee, and there is this readhead (5' 10" at least) standing there in the electronics section, in this flirty black dress, with the heels, and the ankle strap. I cant stop looking at this woman. I am staring at her so long that she starts giving me the 'stink eye'. At this point, the only thing that I can think of is to tell her 'Nice Shoes!' with a wink, and I left.

When I turned around at the door, she was still looking at me. Nice feeling.

I digress. I learned a long time ago that all women are beatiful creatures, they really are. I don't discriminate based upon the physical package, its all about the attitude, in my opinion. But there is something about the taller ones that I just cant explain.

Anyhow... Have a nice weekend everyone, and enjoy yourselves.


wyvernrose 38F
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5/6/2005 10:21 am

5' 9 1/2" damn i don't quite make it to tall


epd_pdx 43M
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5/6/2005 3:17 pm

Nahhh... you make it =) .... I think of anyone 5'7" and up in the cut.!

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