The family I serve...  

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8/26/2005 11:10 am

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The family I serve...

Before I can talk about what a typical week for me is, I need to let you know a little about my family. All names have been altered, in accordance with AdultFriendFinder rules.

My mistress is the mother and is the head of the house. She has a dominating personality that is needed to allow a large family to run smoothly. I find her very attractive, although 5 children has taken its toll. Still, she is in remarkable shape. Physically, she has amazing hair and gigantic breasts (44 EE!) which are all natural. While she is a mother and a wife, she is a dominatrix. Her wardrobe is almost entirely comprised of tight leather in either red or black, many with open bust and a few open crotch. Trips to soccer practice or the store may involve jeans and a t-shirt, but rest assured the leather is on underneath. Seeing her in these outfits, breasts supported and spilling out, platinum hair in a tight bun or a flowing mane, ensures that I am even wetter than I would normally be.

The husband tends to be a workaholic, but an extremely sexy one at that. He is 6'4", very well built, and has a 9" penis. (No wonder my mistress liked him!) He is a good provider for the family as well as a good listener. He has a rather passive personality (a good thing considering his wife) but can be agressive if he wants. He and my mistress are deeply in love and very open about things, which is a rartty in today's world. Many of my errands may involve a run to the gas station, a stop by the bank, and a quick visit to the office for a mouthful of cock.

The four boys I will lump together. Peter is the oldest at 22. Paul is next at 19, then Simon at 17, and finally Matt at 14. They all have taken after their father physically. While I adore them all, Paul is my favorite. He is smart, sweet, handsome, and has an 11" penis! (Girls, he is single!) The boys have all grown up with me around and are comfortable with me and my presence, as well as my services. Remember, I cannot disobey...

Last is the daughter, Mary. She and Simon are twisn and could not be more different. While Simon will probably be the tallest of the five (around 6'6") Mary will be lucky to hit 5'3". She takes more after her mother physically but flashes of her father can be seen. The combination makes her one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She is small and petite with long, curly sandy blonde hair. She does, however, look slightly disproportionate with a 115 pound frame and perky, 42EE breasts. I like to think Mary has a bit of her slave in her, as she has been passed the nympho gene. (Like me!) Mary is constantly wet and by far the most imaginative of the children. Even with the age difference, I consider Mary my best friend. Perhaps it helps that her mother's dominatrix gene has also been passed to her...

This is my family. I have known my mistress and her husband for all of my life and have served them for the last four years. Hopefully this has given everyone a little insight to my family. Please ask whatever questions you have or if I was unclear about anything.

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