A week as a sex slave (cont. 6)_  

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A week as a sex slave (cont. 6)_

I moved to get up, but mster's hands held me by the hips and kept me immobile. Simon had turned away from the girls and was tucking himself beck into his pants. Paul and Peter were doing much the same behind the counter. Mary remained motionless, mouth agape.

Alice was the first to recover. Her eyes stayed riveted to my crotch until she turned away and hurried down the small corridor, up the stairs, and then to Mary's room. We all stared at each other for a moment before master broke the silence.

"No one told me we had company." he stated.
"Mom knew. Why didn't you check anyway?" Mary responded, anger growing.
"Because usually someone is here to greet me and let me know whether we have company."

Pairs of eyes all began to fall on me, still impaled on master's softening cock. I was about to get caught between a rock and a hard spot.

"Vars, why didn't you stop us if you knew, then?" master asked. "You know the rules..."

A short debate told methe truth was in order here. "My mind was racing and I hadn't really expected to get jumped like that. I had just seen Mary and Alice in my room."
"So why didn't you tell us again?"

My own anger was starting to boil over now. "Because I saw them going through all of my clothes! All they had to do was ask, but instead they just stormed on in!" I was back in middle school...

"You told us we could this morning!" Mary erupted.
"You still should have asked!" I shot back.
"Girls!" Master cut us off. "Enough. Mary, go get Alice. Boys, you'd better go find something to do. And you (meaning me) will stay right here."

The boys dispersed and Mary hurried upstairs leaving master and I alone. Using his hands, he lifted me off of his cock and sat me in his lap. "You know, Vars, you are a surrogate parent here. You can't act 12 when you are 28."

"I know, I know, I know." I cut him off. "I just had some bad experiences with my own mother going through my closets and I've never gotten over it."
"Then this is something you have to talk with Mary about instead of yelling at her. You know as well as I do that she would never do something like that if she knew it was going to cause trouble."
"Yes master, I know."
"Thats my girl. Now, would you get us some water? We have to talk with Alice."
"May I get a shirt too?" I asked.
"That would probably be for the best." master agreed.

Five minutes later and we wre all seated at the kitchen table, including mistress whom master had gone to get while I was upstairs. We sat awkwardly for a bit, Alice afraid to make eye contact with anyone.

"Are we going to talk or not? Alice has got to get home!" Mary blurted, anger still at a boil.
"We have a lot to talk about." master stated simply.
"Like?" Mary asked.
"Like your involvement with this families activities. You wanted in, we let you, and now you have broken a cardinal rule you-"
"You broke it!" Mary spat. "You should never have done this tonight!"
"And you are absolutely right about that." master continued amicably. "but the fact remains that you have broken an important rule."
"What have I done WRONG! You were ass fucki-"
"You've been involved with someone who may pose a threat to the family." master stated, a hint of a smile on his face.

Mary tensed for a moment, then blushed heavily and sat back in her chair, arms folded and head down.

"I know that you understand the consequences of such actions. We talked about them at length. And yet, you broke them." master continued, a look of disgust now lining his features. "hat are we going to do Mary? What is the proper punishment?" master shook his head sadly.
"It was all my doi-" Alice blurted
"Shut up." Master cut her off harshly. "We'll get to you in a second."

Alice sat back and crossed her arms, pouting. Master and mistress exchanged a quick look, then mistress stood and walked a few steps. "We know you have been intimate with Alice, Mary. This is in direct violation of your contract. You have endangered your family unecesarily. However, you have done more than that. You have let an untested someone into the very center of our family. This is, in many more, more worrisome than your playing around."
"But she's not diseased or anything!" Mary protested. "And I've already told her that she can, under no circumstances, relat anything that goes on here."

Mistress raised an eyebrow. "So she obeys you?"

Mary opened her mouth, then shut it again.

"And you two were snooping in Varsana's room." she continued.

"We weren't-"

"And she was trying on Varsana's clothes..." mistress trailed off, lost in thought.

Mary sat looking as if she wanted to melt into the floor. Alice gazed from master to mistress with wide eyes.

Vars, take Alice home. We need to talk with Mary. Alice, don't you need to be getting home?"

"Yes ma'm." Alice replied at once.

I just stared at mistress for a moment. I couldn't believe they were going to have this talk without me. It infuriated me. I glared at mistress for a moment before marching to the desk to retrieve my key and purse, then heading to the car. Alice scrambled to gather her things and raced out the door with me. I, semi-intentionally, slammed the door on my way out. It was a warm, muggy evening in the deep south, and a car ride with a little "Rep Your City" and a lot fo speeding was in order.

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Trouble in paradise? I think not. Sounds like we're due for some make up sex! And a welcome party for a new "member" of the family.

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10/7/2005 10:02 am

Wooooo.....things are heating up in the south. Can't wait to see what happened next. Truthfully it was everyone's fault. It should not be up to you solely to determine if the coast is clear, so to speak.

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