A week as a sex slave (cont. 3)  

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A week as a sex slave (cont. 3)

Returning to the kitchen, my mistress had made a list of things for me to do today. She works out of her home and, after making sure everything was in order, dissappeared into her office. My list included a couple errands, to the grocery and Home Depot, cleaning the pool, adding chlorine, and mowing the yard.

This is where my nakedness stops. However, I can only wear what my mistress tells me to wear. While I had been enjoying the boys in the shower she had mdae my list and laid out my clothes for the day. Returning to my room, I found a red dress and a thong bathing suit ready for me with notes, stating the dress was for eerrands and the bathing suit for the yardwork. I had seen neither of these garments before and was excited to have new clothing. (small as it may be.) Donning the red dress, I found that it was skin-tight, was slit on both thighs to the waist, and came down to just below my butt. No bending over in this dress, for sure. The top was deep-cut and left my cleavage wide open, the fabric barely covering the tops of my nipples. The back was open with a couple shoe-string straps to keep it on with a curve at the bottom just above my butt. All-in-all, minimal fabric at just the right places. So like my mistress...

Going back downstairs I found the list waiting for me. The grocery and Home Depot were regular stops, so I was not worried. Grabbing keys to the Sebring and a red purse, I headed out. It was going to a warm day, so I decided on putting the top down on the car. Backing out of the garage, I reached up to push the door opener when I realized that, in direct sun, the dress was nearly see-through. Inside it had been opaque, but in the UV it was transparent with a hint of red. The outer seams were still solid red, but the inner fabric was non-existent.

This might be a more difficult trip than I imagined. Deciding against the top down, I started to reverse the process when I noticed a note on the console, telling me to leave the top down today. Unable to disobey, I shifted to first and drove on.

Feeling completely exposed, I quickly drove to the grocery store, sticking mainly to back roads. While I am a nympho, I am not an exhibitionist entirely, and getting arrested for indecency is not high on my list of "to-do's." Once at the store, I debated on how to get inside, and decided that brute force was the best. I parked, put the top up, locked the car, and strode toward the store. The eyes, approving and disapproving, were on me all the way. I'm sure the men enjoyed a treat, taking in my ample breasts and smooth pussy. Once inside the front doors, the opaqueness returned and I grabbed a cart. Inside, however, I discovered that the effect was the same under flourescent lighting. Not quite as bad, the dress was still noticeably transparent. Working quickly, I gathered items on the list until I reached eggs, juice, milk, and bacon. The bacon and eggs are next to each other at the bottom of a cooler. Being unable to really bend over in the short dress, I hesitated. However, being pretty much naked anyway, I leaned in and, for added effect (for myself) left my legs parted. Anyone behind me got a good look at my now-dripping wet pussy. As I stood back up, I felt a drop of half-juice/half-cum begin to run down my leg. I wiped it away, but another follwed, and another. It had started...

Sometimes (often) I get so worked up that my pussy drips juices. Cum inside of me oozes out with it. I finished the rest as quickly as I could and went toward the check-out lines which were, thank god, under normal lighting. Still dripping, I put my items on the belt to the dissapproving look of the elderly checker. The young man sacking was not hiding his stares, however. I propped my purse on my knee in order to get a credit card-


It was inanely loud inside the grocery store. Even falling just 3 feet to the floor made a loud noise. The sacker's eyes bulged as he realized what had happened. My scent filled the area, the smell of sex...


I handed the credit card over


she ran it through, the machine chattered


She handed me the receipt, needing a signature. I signed and returned it to her


the sacker, without question, grabbed my cart and followed me into the parking lot. popping the trunk, he eagerly loaded the bags into the car. Finishing, he closed the trunk and stood back, eyes bright, smile wide, and watched me finish putting the top down and climb in. Sitting down, I realized why he was staring. My dress was again transparent. I started the car and drove back home, unloading the groceries and putting them away. Grabbing the keys to, grudgingly, leave again, I heard a door open and my mistress walked out.

"Have a good trip?"
"Yes, mistress."
"Like the dress, do you?"
"Yes mistress."
"I thought you might. Anything happen?"
"The sacker watched me as I walked back, and I had to bare my pussy when reaching for the bacon and eggs."
"...and I see you've gotten yourself worked up, Vars. My, my, my..."
"Yes, mistress."
"In the glove box you will find instructions for Home Depot. The list is there as well. Anything else?"
"No, mistress."
"Good. See you in a bit, then."

Scared now, I returned to the car and opened the glove box to find the list, a note, and a plastic bag. The list was simple, the note said to open the plastic bag. Instructions were inside. Opening the bag, I found a 2-pronged dildo with a nubby, curved end. The instructions were to leave it on the seat while I drove to Home Depot. Upon arriving there, I was to park as close as possible, lift my dress, and insert the dildo, the long one in my ass, short one in my pussy. (I should be wet enough, just spread my juice on the shaft to get it in ym ass. The truth was, I was still lubed from this morning.)
I was not to switch on the vibrator, but to push it in and out of my while circling my clit until I was almost at an orgasm. Then I was to get out and, using the nubby thing, kook it to the middle seam of my dress so that it would stay in. (The anal part was a plug, so this was unecesary.) Upon walking through the doors, I was to reach between my legs and switch it on vibrate. Then finish my shopping as usual. Upon arriving home I would receive further instructions.

Placing the dildo on the seat, I again backed out and drove, dress transparent, to Home Depot. Arriving in the parking lot, I found, to my dismay, that it was packed but a spot was open at the very front. I parked, hesitated, then reached and grabbed the dildo. Pulling dress up, I rubbed myself to get my juices on my hand, involuntarily letting out a moan, then rubbed the dildo. It slid easily into me. It felt so good and I was so hot that it didn't take long before I was on the very edge of an orgasm. Working hard to stop myself, I opened the door, forgetting my hiked dress, and got out. Pulling my dress down and putting the top up, I headed inside. Hot and dripping from my self-pleasure, I hurried to the door and tried to switch on the vibrator.

But I couldn't find the switch. Hand between my legs, people staring, I struggled until I found a portion of the nub you had to turn. The vibration hit me with a jolt and I almost collapsed. Sighing heavily and stiffling a moan, I struggled to walk. Shopping was nearly impossible, and Home Depot employs only halogen lights, making my dress transparent again. Nipples erect, dildo protruding from betweeen my legs, Employees looked shocked to see me and people were unsure of how to act. Grunting, panting, I made my way through the store, grabbed the items needed, and headed toward the checkout. As I was walking down to plumbing aisle, my inner thigh brushed the switch and turned it onto "high" (apparently I had only set it to "low") I fell down with a rush of pleasure. Forgetting where I was, I spread my pegs and furiously rubbed my clit, moaning all the while. The orgasm hit me so hard I spasmed on the floor for at least a minute. As the first wave receded, I remember where I was, and the fear returned. Struggling off eh floor, I was hit with another wave of pleaseure as the dildo was forced deep into me as I bent to stand up. Grabbing a nearby shelf to steady myself, I stood, feeling another orgasm build, with my dress above my hips and my ass, pussy, and dildo bare for anyone to see. The second orgasm hit as hard as the first and I again fell to the floor. Carefully picking myself up yet again, I stumbled to the checkout counter, panting, heaving, spasming... I set the items down, grabbed my credit card, and waited. I had entered a closed lane. Reversing, I went to an open one where a concerned younger woman asked if I was alright. "I'm fine, just hurry." I replied. Checking out and heading back to the car, I put the top down, laid the bags in the back seat, and went to sit in the drivers side. Bending to sit, the dildo was forced deeper into me than it had ever been, tearing into my ass and pussy and pushing the vibrator against my clit. Door open, I collapsed into the drivers side, legs above me, dress up to my chest, and orgasmed hard a third time, screaming and flailing about. As this one subsided, I gingerly moved into a sitting position and adjusted to the pressure deep inside of me. I had three more small orgasms on the drive home, one large enough to make me pull over for a minute. Arriving home, exhausted and dripping horny, I was frightened and excited about my afternoon.

continued for length.[\I]

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8/30/2005 9:37 am

All I can think of saying is. WOW!
Truth or lie, it is great reading.

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