A week as a sex slave: Wednesday  

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9/22/2005 1:12 pm

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A week as a sex slave: Wednesday

Wednesday came cold and early. Breakfast was served as usual, and everyone went their separate ways to do the morning routine.

The morning showers were not nearly as bland. Paul was in and out in a flash, anxious to get to school and finish misunderstood homework. Peter was rockhard when I entered and lost no time in making his intentions clear. 5 minutes of sucking and Simon entered the bathroom, his own enormous cock at the ready. I swapped Peter's for Simon's in my mouth while Peter got behind me and slid in. Having already worked himself up, he came quickly. He then pulled out and watched as Simon stood me up. Crouching slightly, he slid the tip of his dick into my pussy, using Peter's cum as a lube. As is his custom, he gently slid into my ass, leaving me upright as he did so. His hands reached around and cupped my breasts as his strokes became faster and deeper. He was soon on the brink, grunting and groaning as his load erupted inside of me. I stepped out with Peter, leaving the shower for Simon.

I hurried down the hall, late for my special request. Mary usually didn't want a shower companion, but for the second day in a row she had asked me to join her.

Entering the bathroom, I heard gasps from the shower. I opened the door and found Mary lying on the shower floor, legs spread toward the door. I stopped short at the site, unsure of what to do.

"Squat over my face. Hurry!" she breathed.

I did as I was told, shaking with anticipation as I lowered my cum-drenched pussy to her face. I shuddered as her tongue gently caressed my outer labia, then moving inward to find my juices mixed with Peter's. Without warning, she attacked, sucking my clitoris into her mouth and applying pressure with her lips. I nearly collapsed on top of her and had to grab the wall for support. A mere 30 seconds of this and I was in ecstasy, screaming without knowing it. I finally collapsed, my face staring into her crotch. Without an order, I buried my face in her pussy, returning the favor by sucking her clit into my mouth. The same results left Mary breathless a minute later. We layed there for a minute before she moved to get up. I followed and toweled off, heading to Mary's room and her daily outfit. She entered her room before I had really had a chance to recover, let alone think. She marched to the closet and began tossing things about her room.

"All of these, from this point over, can go to the Hannah Home Vars."
"Alright..." I said, bewildered.
"This weekend we have got to go shopping for me. I've outgrtown most of these clothes..." Mary continued to weed her closet before finally turning to me, a hand on her hip.

"Could I take something of yours today?" she asked.
"What?!" I nearly exploded. "You can't wear my clothes to school Mary!" I said, regaining composure.
"Not to wear, to shop Alice. She was intrigued."

I chewed my lip for a minute, unsure. "No. If she wants to come over, you two can look through my clothes. But I will NOT send them to school. Understood?"

Mary gave me a mutinous look.

"And don't think about ordering me, because I will protest, and your mother will back me up, and you know it." I concluded.

Mary stood rigid for a moment, then relaxed and turned back to her closet. We continued as if nothing had happened, selecting a spaghetti strap, a poncho, and a pair of Levi's. Flip flops, earrings, and a dab of eye shadow completed the look. Very chic.

Following her downstairs, I found everyone except Mary, Simon, and mistress already gone for the day. A quick peck from Simon and a more passionate kiss from Mary and they were gone. Oh, how things had changed in the past 2 days...

"I need you to run a couple errands, Vars." mistress said, all business this morning. "But first, I'd like for you to make sure the upstairs looks presentable. I have Mrs. Terisawa in this morning followed by the rep from the motorcycle team. Things must look great."

Definetly all business. Good thing Mary had gotten me off... "Yes mistress. I'll finish the upstairs first, then await instructions?"

"That will be fine. Oh, and grab Paul's khaki messenger bag from his bed, he left it here." The voice had softened, and my mistresss no longer stood before me; it was the caring, dedicated mother.

"Yes mistress. Shall I take it to him while I'm out?"

"You know, I didn't think about that... I'll call him back."

Upstairs was a near-disaster. I ran from room to room, making beds and tossing clothes in hampers. The game room was, mercifully, in order. The chore completed, I headed back downstairs for my instructions.

I found the note on the bar, mistress already in her office with the doors shut. I would be taking Paul his bag, as well as a run to the grocery, Office Max, the Optometrist, and a local framing company. No clothes were mentioned, so it was left to my discretion. Eager to be out and back, I hurried and went through my own morning routine, selecting a pair of khaki shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. I headed back downstairs and was almost out the door when I saw a second sticky on a glass pane. This one added Wal-greens to my list and demanded a skirt. I retraced my steps upstairs and swapped khaki shorts for a khaki skirt. Mistress caught me at the bottom of the stairs.

"Come here for a moment. I need an opinion." I followed her to her office, where she pulled out her chair and a drawer to her desk. Inside were assorted toys, arranged neatly by size. I knew where this was going.

"If I may, the purple one always works best, mistress." I commented.

"I agree, but I found this pink one..." she pulled a think, suction-cupped dildo from the drawer, and slapped it onto the chair. She hiked up her skirt and tested the prick, pulling up twice to make an adjustment. Satisfied the third time, she settled down into the chair. for a moment before rising again.

"What do you think?" she asked.

I padded to the chair and squatted genty, no need to hike my short skirt. it slid easily into me. I settled back enjoying the full sensation and wiggling my hips a bit to get a feel for it.

"Not bad." I commented. "but I still like the purple one better."

"Hmmm.." she mused. She again impaled herself on the chair and leaned back, rising slightly and, gently with a grunt, lowering herself back. She swiveled and held her legs out, showing me that it was in her ass.

"This is very nice, though. Very nice..." she wiggled a bit, the returned to a sitting position, eyes half-closed. "Hand me the small red one."

I reached in the drawer and extracted the red dildo in question. It slid easily into her pussy. She then swiveled back toward her computer, intent on her work. A minute passed.

"This will do, this will do. Now, you'd better hurry. I want you back in time for the racing team."

I returned to the door, discarded the old note, and headed toward the Sebring, UAB and Paul my
first and farthest destination.

Rockhard2x6 54M

9/23/2005 6:31 am

Very interesting way to start the morning.

rm_de3869 51M

9/24/2005 12:50 pm

wow I found this today. YOu lead a very interesting life. I hope to hear a lot more about it.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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9/26/2005 8:03 am

You have such a great writing style, it just flows so well. Not to mention it makes my cock throb and leak precum everywhere. Your family is so fortunate to have you.

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