A week as a sex slave: Tuesday (cont. 2)  

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A week as a sex slave: Tuesday (cont. 2)

The warm water, my soreness, and lack of sleep contributed to my leaning against the shower wall. I was in total bliss, feeling the water cascade down my head, chest, and legs.

"You okay?" Mary asked.
"Yeah, just a little sore is all." I replied.
"Varsana... I have an awkward question..."
"You know you can ask me anything and I'll give you an objective response. Whats bothering you?"
"... well... see... I want to be more like you." Mary blurted.
"Now honey, I've chosen my lifestyle because of my physical needs... and your parents have been very, very generous to me. I owe them, and this is my way of paying them back. When you get right down to it, I am really just a cheap whore. That is not something you should strive for."
"But, you're educated, you could have done anything you wanted! I've heard you play, and you could play anywhere!"
"That is not entirely true, baby, but thank you. But its beside the point..."
"No its not. You are every bit as generous... you make my parents life easier, you take care of their children, you treat us as equals, and you give everything you have to this family. That is the sort of unselfishness I want."

I was blown away. I thought she had meant sexually, but I had misread her statement. I stuttered for a second, trying to find words that would convey my meaning. Instead of deeep thoughts and meaningful words, my head was clutched by Mary's hands and pulled toward hers. Before I could react, Mary's tongue was in my mouth and fighting mine frantically. The water was not the only warm thing in the shower anymore.

Regaining a sense of control, I reached up to grasp her hands when Mary suddenly pulled away. Breathless, she stared at me for a long moment, then quickly grabbed her facewash and to wash her face with a little too much enthusiasm. Stunned, I didn't move. My head told me one thing, but my pussy told me another. This battle would rage for the duration of her washing. When Mary deemed herself clean, she again stared at me. Perhaps I read the question correctly the first time.

"Whats on your mind, baby?"
"Nothing, don't worry about it. Please, just..."
I cut her off.. "No, I won't just forget about it. You don't just kiss another girl without having a meaning behind it. If it was experimental, tell me. If it wasn't, tell me. Just please let me know. If anyone can help guide you, its me baby."

Mary suddenly collapsed into my arms. She remained there for a long moment before breaking the embrace to stare at me with those beautiful eyes, clearly begging something of me. However, I am sworn to obey, not direct, and I could do nothing. Unless...

"Can I do something for you, Mary? Tell me how I can help..."
"There is so much I want to do..." she started.
"Start simple and always be careful. ALWAYS!" I stressed.
"I want to kiss you. I want to suck your beautiful breasts. I want to lick your pussy. I want to taste you!" she nearly squealed.
"Whoa, whoa ... slow down." I said. "Maybe we should rethink this."

Mary and I had never done anything sexual. I had always secretly hoped she would turn bisexual, but never really thought she would. She had asked me questions about same-sex activities before, but she had always been very closed about it. This morning had been a complete shock.

"I've thought about it for three years now. When I first saw you, I got all hot and bothered. I dream about you, I ... y'know..."
"Masterbate," I offered.
"... yeah, thinking about you."
"Well, sweetie, I do hope you think about guys, too." I had wanted her to be bisexual selfishly, wanting to feel her body, to taste her, and to give her pleasure.
"Sometimes. I don't know, I'm so confused..."

It was getting late. School was going to start soon and she still needed to get dressed. Today would be a good day to convince her not to wear make-up, though...

"We need to go, baby. We'll talk about this later though, I promise."
"Promise?" she implored.

A quick peck and I was out of the shower and to her room. Before she was done toweling off, I had laid out a sexy, low-cut blouse and a flare skirt. I had purposely neglected underwear. When Mary came in and saw the clothes, she smiled and went to her mirror to dry her hair.

"I felt so hot yesterday."
"Really?" This caught me off guard...
"Yeah. I could everyone looking at me, especially my tits. I liked it."
"We'll see what happens today then." I offered. "Hurry now, we can't be late.

To my surprise, she donned the clothing without objection and made no move toward the underwear drawers. The morning routine was nearing completeion as the boys were filing out, soon followed by Mary. I followed her outside and watched her open the pssenger door of Simon's Eclipse.

"Make it a good day!" I called to them both. Simon's response was lost on Mary. She bent over to put her bag in the backseat, but reached a hand around to pull her skirt up and finger herself, entirely on my behalf.

Suddenly, I was wary of my decision to push Mary to be more open, but could do nothing now. What had I done?

Mary climbed in and flashed me a wicked smile. Simon roared away, heading toward school and a dangerous day.

"Varsana!" I heard my mistress call. This held a fearful promise...

Continued for length[\I]

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I wish i was your sex slave!

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