A week as a sex slave: Thursday  

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10/24/2005 6:27 am

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A week as a sex slave: Thursday

Thursday morning came bright and early. My excitement had prevented much sleep, but I was nevertheless up and bouncing by 6:30. The family was a bit surprised to wake up to bacon frying, eggs scrambling, and pancakes sizzling for breakfast. While I refuse to cook bacon naked, I left the clothes on the counter during serving and eating. Family members went their separate ways for the morning routine, and mistress surprised me by insisting on doin the dishes. "You won't both cook and clean consecutively in this house!" she declared.

So I skipped upstairs and joined Paul in the shower. Much to my surprise he was in a sentimental mood this morning and was content with my presence and a little soap massage. Peter and Simon were both strangely quiet and showered quickly. A quick drying of the feet and I padded down to where Mary was showering, but the door was closed and locked.

It dawned on me why everyone else was in a shitty mood. In my excitement I had forgotten that the children probabl;y had witnessed a rather violent fight (in terms of this household anyway) and were still reeling from it. With only Matthew left unaccounted for, I headed back toward the hall shower and found him just starting the water. Matthew had just hit an age where he was both shy and curious, and I was bombarded with questions about life and stories of friends and friends first girl/boyfriends. I listened with rapt attention, envious of his bliss. All too soon it would end forever...

With showers over and the children heading off to school, I started the search for my post-it. Mistress had already shut herself in her office while master had left early for a meeting of some sort. I searched the downstairs, but found nothing. Heading back upstairs, I started with the bathrooms, but went to my room when they turned up nothing. Sure enough, on my bed was a post-it along with an outfir.

I turned on my heel and raced downstairs. When I had gone down not five minutes before those things had not been on my bed, which meant that mistress had shut the door to make me think she was inside. The game was on. I hunted for her through most of the downstairs, wanting to catch her before she went into her office for real. After some minutes though, I was convinced that she had made it back already. Ittirated, I gently knocked on the door and went in when summoned.

"How do you do it?" I asked
"Do what dear?" a smirk on her faec.
"You know perfectly well."
A shrug. "You'll find out sooner or later." she returned to her iMac, which was my cue to leave.

Back upstairs, I picked up the note, found my errands, and went through my own mornig routine. Today's outift included a sheer white collared shirt and a pair of raggedly jeans. The jeans were a size too small and the shirt at least two. Whether it was the fabric or the cut, the shirt clung to my body, haning on my breasts and sucking to my stomach, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Might as well have just gone naked.

I headed downstairs with my list, grabbed my keys, and headed to the trusty seabring. Since nothing had been specified, today would be a top-up day with a little Rachmaninoff to ease the ride. However, I noticed another post-it on the steering wheel as I sat down.

"Don't even think about it. Yes, I know what you were going to do. Don't. The top stays down."

Irritated at her forsight, I grudingly left the top down and dug out the cd case; Sergei and top down did not mix.

I decided on some Brooks & Dunn since I was half cowgirl today anyway. Arranging myself and getting ready to tart the car, I noticed that I could feel the cool leather on my left but cheek. reaching a hand down to investigate, I realized that the bottom of the left pocket had been cut and that my ass was hanging out of it. I stood to make a damage assesment in the rearview mirror. It wasn't too bad, hardly noticeable, actually, until I bent over. Most of my left cheek was in plain view then.

Oh well. I had been worse before and would be again.

oooOOOOO!! ya'll, play somethin' country.

Errands lasted quite a bit longer than normal thanks to some long lines and idiot drivers who couldn't keep from hitting other cars. The slight heat had caused me to sweat a bit, soaking the sheer shirt and making my tits plainly visible. Thank God the last stop was a drive-thru pharmacy at Wal-Greens.

Here again, the line was outrageous and took much too long to get through. By the time everything was done and I was home, it was lunchtime. I stowed the supplies and the bags before mistress walked out of her office.

She took a quick glance at me before a smile came across her face. She walked to me and grabbed my left boob before I could react.

"We need some medium cheddar, the block kind." Her thumb was circling my nipple. "Will you go get some?"

"Yes mistress." I panted.

"Go ahead and touch yourself a little while you drive. don't hold back."

Back in the car and headed toward Publix, I resisted the urge to touch my pussy, hard as it was. (Wet as it was is a more accurate statement.)

I sped through the store, sheer shirt and all. I had to dally for a moment looking for the block cheddar, ensuring that the cold of the freezers got my nipples diamond-hard. I hurried through the check-out, kept my arms folded as much as possible, and raced outside to head home.

My nipples stayed hard for the drive home. I couldn't help but glance at them. We had a saying for this, mistress and I: "Well, now that my nipples are all like, 'Haye!'"

Back home, lunch was served and a quick outside chore was doled out. I stripped, went and got the clippers, and trimmed a crape myrtle as best I could. Master could touch it up later if needed. A quick dip in the pool was in order before heading back inside for a shower and to get ready.

I spent an hour getting ready for my meeting with Alice, as much to get myself into character as anything else. I pruposely chose a slightly thicker collared shirt, white, a plaid, pleated skirt that went almost to my knee, white knee socks, and my trusty Skechers. Around 2:30, I headed downstairs.

"Since when were you an anime babe?" mistress asked over a cup of coffee.
"Since I needed the effect." I said, twirling to give mistress the full effect.
"You need to put your hair in pigtails. Here..." mistress grabbed two doeys and put my hair up, stepping back and nodding at the effect. My hair is currently a deep brown, making the effect complete.

"Thank you. I'll be back sometime this evening. I'm not exactly sure how long this will take."
"What will you do?" mistress asked.
"Push her to the limit." I said.
"Really... how?"
"I dunno yet. I figured it would come to me." I said, noticing that my voice had a lilt to it.
"hmmmm..." mistress trailed off. she gave me a peck and wished me luck. I leaned back in to give her a more passionate kiss, then headed toward the car.

Sitting down, I noticed tat my thighs were alreadu wet from my pussy drips. I hoped I could stay in character long enough to figure Alice out.

Rockhard2x6 54M

10/24/2005 12:12 pm

Can't wait to find out what you do with Alice.

rm_matthewfoley 41M

10/24/2005 1:07 pm

Please don't make us wait 5 days for the next update! I can't handle it

enslavednymph 39F
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10/25/2005 7:48 am

It'll be tomorrow morning, I promise.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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10/26/2005 7:16 am

Oh how lucky Alice is! She just doesn't know it yet!

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