A week as a sex slave: Thursday (cont 3)  

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A week as a sex slave: Thursday (cont 3)

Where we were headed, I didn't know. I did know that Alice had just had her first startling lesson and that it had not gone over well; her body language said as much. To back off now allow Alice to see me as weak, something a slave cannot perceive in a master. A paer of my head recoiled at what I had done and was planning, but most of it was happy to be able to release a little anger.

Alice sat rigid in the passengger seat, arms across her chest. She was lost in thought. We pulled out of the residential division and onto the more populated Hwy 31. The direct sun did its job on the dress, making it translucent.

"Uncross your arms." I ordered.

Alice did as she was told without looking down. Her tits were in full view, Nipples poking out and belying her anger.

"You have a fantastic body, Alice." I cooed. She continued to stare ahead. I came to a red light and reached behind into the bag behind my seat. I dug deep and came out with a double sided dildo. I placed it in the cup holder between the seats. Immediately, Alice's eyes were drawn to the toy, bulging slightly at its sight. Her glance also brought the realization that her attire was see-through. See made to put her arms across her chest, but remembered the order and left them at her sides. She stared ahead for a moment, but her eyes kept returning to the dildo.

"You are going to put that inside of you." I said quietly.

Alice just sat, again staring ahead.

"If you have never had anything in your ass, then it will hurt a little.
"I've played with my ass before." Alice said evenly.
"Good. Then it won't be a big deal. I've got some lube for you to use." We slipped back into silence for a bit. At the next light we hit, I spread my legs slightly and propped my left leg on the door. My left hand went to my own pussy. I was dripping wet, so it was easy to spread my juices around my pussy. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked my fingers, then returned my hand to my crotch. The light changed and we eased forward, my hand still working my pussy. I used my juices to lube my ass, slipping first one finger, then two in and out.

"Reach into the bottom of the bag and pull out the other dildo, please." I asked.

Alice just sat for a moment, then turned and reached behind me. A moment later she turned back around with the second double-sided dildo.

"Put in in my lap." I said, still toying with myself. She placed the dildo in my lap, the returned to her seat, this time watching me intently.

We drove on for a while until we reached our desitnation: The Olive Garden. At just past four in the afternoon, it was nearly deserted. I pulled into a corner space that faced the highway.

"Get the lube from behind me." I ordered, lifting up as I talked to better lube myself.Instead of getting the lube, Alice remained fixed upon me. I grabbed the dildo and lifted it to my mouth, sucking the pussy prong first. Still raised, I lowered the prong to my pussy and rubbed it all over my slippery pussy, then I turned the dildo over to lube the ass prong. Again putting it to my mouth, I sucked on the ass portion of it, looking intently at Alice. After a minute, I raised up a bit more and lowered the dildo to my crotch. I put the tip of the pussy prong against my hole and gently slid it inside of me, purposely letting out an audible exhale. The ass prong touched my asshole, and I flexed my muscles to allow it entrance. I slid gently onto both prongs until they were all the way inside of me. A slight bulge on the ass prong ensured that it would remain in my ass, holding the entire dildo inside of me. I shifted lightly, adjusting to the doubly full feeling. I turned to look at Alice.

Her eyes were wider than a cue ball. She just stared at me in disbelief.

"I'm going to get us a table. Put the dildo inside of you and then come inside and find me. I got out quickly and went inside, leaving Alice in the car, her translucent dress and dildo keeping her company.

Once inside I easily got a table by the window and sat down quickly to observe Alice. She had still not moved when I sat down. A minute passed, then two, then five. Finally, I saw her reach for the lube and could see her entire body rise as she worked her own crotch. Even from this distance I could clearly see her breasts. She struggled with the dildo for a bit before finally, awkwardly, opening the door and standing. She immediately had to lean against the car for support, and with some difficulty closed the door. She then proceeded to stumble toward the door and into the restaurant.

When she reached the table, I stood and pulled a chair out for her. She eyed it for a moment before gingerly trying to lower herself into it. She made the mistake of spreading her legs, which forces the dildo farther into you when you sit. She let out a gasp and stood back up, eyeing me.

"Keep your legs together." I told her.

She did so, and succeeded in seating herself. However, when she leaned forward to pull the chair in, her eyes bulged and a sigh escaped from her.: The dildo had rubbed her clit.

I ordered salads and water for both of us, then turned my attention back to Alice. I reached under the table and put my hand on her thigh.

"You see what my life is, Alice?" I asked.
"Yes mistress."
I moved my hand higher. "Do you like it?"
"Yes, mistress."
Higher. "You do? I was under the impresion that it makes you uncomfortable."
"It does..." she breathed, my hand having reached her pussy. "But it also exCITES! me." she responded to my touch.
"Don't let this alarm you." I said.

She glanced at me, slight terror in her eyes. I moved my hand to the base of the dildo and turned the little knob. Immediately I felt it start to vibrate.

And immediately, Alice's eyes rolled into her head and she had an orgasm. She struggled to remain silent, and mostly succeeded. I flipped the knob back as she started to come down, and leaned back in my seat.

Alice sat for a moment, eyes closed, before opening them. She turned and stared at me hard, fear in her eyes. We stared at each other for a long moment, her expression slowly changing. By the time our eyes broke away, I thought the fear was gone, replaced by desire.

"Do you want more, slave?" I asked.
"Yes, mistress." she responded.
"What do you want?" I asked.

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10/31/2005 7:03 am

Wow, this is getting REALLY good! I can't wait for Thursday's conclusion! If only I had been at the galleria olive garden that day...

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You are great!

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10/31/2005 9:32 am

Your so mean....I Love It.

How does it feel to be on the master side for a change.

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10/31/2005 10:47 am

THis is GREAT STUFF. Please do tell more. I cant Wait.

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