A week as a sex slave: Monday (cont. 4)  

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A week as a sex slave: Monday (cont. 4)

Grabbing the Home Depot bag and gingerly getting out of the Sebring, I strode into the house to hear the office doors open.

"Have a good shop, did you?" my mistress called.
"Yes, mistress."
"Cum in public, did you?"
"Yes, mistress."
"Oh really? Fantastic."
"Not really, mistress."
"Why not, dear?"
"I had to expose myself. I could have been arrested."
"Hmm.. Perhaps you should tell me about it. Take the dildo out, honey."

Grateful to remove the object but unhappy at the absence of the feeling, I laid the object in the sink and sat with my mistress at the table, recounting the story.

"Nothing you haven't done before, then." she said when I was done. "I'll be more careful in my future planning, though. My apologies, dear." And with that, she rose and started toward her office. "The lawn still needs mowing." she called over her shoulder.

Heading toward my room to change, I was amazed at how wet I was. I had cum at least six times, three of them major, already today but still craved more. Showers with the boys in the morning had definetly upped my libido, even higher than it originally had been.

Upon reaching my room, I found the bathing suit with a new note posted belo the old one. The new one gave the tasks that I needed to accomplish for the afternoon, along with what I was to wear (or not wear) for each one. Discarding the notes, I picked up what I thought was a bathing suit to find it was a black bra/thong set. The thong was TINY with an o-ring while the bra was, thankfully, lush. I carried them to the garage before putting them on. The bra was nice, covering what a bathing suit would have, but the thong was another story...

For those who don't know, an o-ring thong is a thong without the little triangle in the back. This one was a string o-ring, meaning it had a TINY triangle in front to cover my pussy, then three strings leading around either hip and one behind. When I say strings, I mean strings.

The set fit well, though. Hesitantly, I got the mower, checked the gas and oil, and headed to the front yard. And hour and a half later, the task was complete. Moving to the back, the yard was mowed in about two hours flat. Not bad, all-in-all. Eyeing the pool desperately, I put the mower away and grabbed the edger and the trimmers. Laying the trimemrs in the back, the edging finished itself in a matter of minutes. A quick swab with cleaner and the mower and trimmer were good to go.

Moving back to the backyard, the pool once again beckoned. Forgetting the time, I stripped the set off and dove in for a refreshing and much needed dip. A few minutes of relaxation and I was ready for the trimming. Stepping out of the deep-end and shaking out my hair, I stooped to pick up my skimpy attire. Once reclothed, I turned around to find a pair of high school looking boys slowly walking by. Blushing and embarrased, I quickly dashed to the trimmer and dove behind the nearets Crape Myrtle. Taking a few seconds to recover, I stood, started the trimmer, and went to work.

It was then I noticed that my attire had become translucent when it got wet. Rarely do I towel off because I rarely step back into clothes. The fear and excitment returning, I went about the trimming, staying on the house side of the trees until the set had dried and school kids had sufficiently cleared. The only problem with this was, while the bra dried, a markedly translucent spot remained near my pussy. I was so wet from the morning and the added excitement of being seen that I could not stop dripping. With a deep breath, I moved to the road side and endured a few honks while finishing the trees. By the time I was done, the family had reutnred home and was out, enmasses, on the patio. Mistress was putting the finishing touches on dinner inside while Master eyed hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. The children were either lounging in the pool or studying throughout the yard.

Hellos and quick comments were exchanged as I made my way through the yard to clean and put up the trimmer. Upon arriving back, I immediately stripped and dove in for a refreshing moment in the pool. Events of the day, stories, and general enjoyment passed. Dinner was served on the porch. After the required 15 minute wait, it was back in the pool for some volleyball. Being horny already, the masculinity was overwhelming me, as well as the noticeable tents in the boys swim trunks.

As the game subsided, the family started to towel off and head inside. Master was relaxing on the built-in steps, chatting with me about the day and the children. I noticed that it was just he and I an, being needy, I asked if I could serve him at all. Immediately rmoving his trunks to reveal a massive hard-on, he tossed them onto the deck and strode toward me. Lifting me into his arms, he crouched slightly while I spread my legs wide. Rubbing himself against me, he slid in with little difficulty. We slowly built toward our climaxes, walking around the pool, joined at the hip. (literally)

As we were about to both orgasm, the door opened and mistress walked out in a towel. Dropping the towel, she revealed her beautiful, naked body. She strode to the edge and sat, legs wide apart.

"I want you to get off my husband, swim over here, and eat me. Bu sure to bend over properly so my husband can enter you from behind."

Reluctantly, I removed his cock and swam to the edge. Mistress grabbed my hair and pulled me toward her very wet pussy, burying my face in her juices. Losing myself fo a moment, I was surprised to feel a hand part my ass and a hard dick slide back inside me. Moaning, I continued to lick and suck my mistress frantically. Grunts and groans alerted me that Master was about to cum. Bucking hard against him, burying him to the hilt, I felt him spasm deep inside me. His groans pushed my mistress over the edge. She screamed loudly, orgasming hard.

We climbed out of the pool and toweled off. I gathered my lingerie and headed toward the door, where I saw Peter and Paul standing with wicked grins on their faces and hands in their pockets.

Rockhard2x6 54M

8/31/2005 6:15 am

More awesome reading....I love it.

Now if the Mistress will consent to send us some naked pics of you, it would be fantastic...she can include herself too if she likes...LOL.

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