A week as a sex slave: Monday (cont. 2)  

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8/29/2005 11:08 am

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A week as a sex slave: Monday (cont. 2)

Upstairs Peter is in the master bedroom shower. Padding inside I ask permission to enter and to join him. Once given, I open the shower door and step inside to find him just lathering his hair. Each of the boys has a set routine for their shower, so it is easy to predict. Kneeling again, I ask permission to take him in my mouth. Once granted, I suck him long enough to make his magnificent penis hard. (His is 9".) He has now moved to washing his face. I grab a washcloth, lather on some bodywash and go to work. He is a good foot taller than me, so this is a chore, but I have a technique. Upon washing his entire body except his groin and butt, I take care to pay special attention to his cock. Hard again, and so soon? Interesting...

Peter is in college and usually is not around much on weekends. He does not have a girlfriend nor does he really date, rather concentrates on his studies and has some good friends. A couple nights at the bar have left him frustrated, apparently. Keeping a tight grip on his hardness, I stand to kiss his chest. While I am not to kiss the children on the mouth, I am allowed to kiss other parts of their body. I find his right nipple and begin to gently suck on it. His left hand has found my breasts while his right has found my pussy. It doesn't take much of this to get us both extremely excited. Turning me around and pressing me against the wall, he uses his hands to spread my cheeks and rub his head against my slick pussy. He then slides himself in all the way, giving me that pleasantly full feeling. A few deep strokes has him grunting and me moaning. I feel him tense and spasm as he orgasms deep inside of me. A long shudder and he collapses against the wall on top of me. I slip beneath him to lovingly suck him just a bit more before I open the door, grab a towerl to dry my feet and legs, and head down the hall.

Paul is already washing his face when I enter the smaller hall bathroom. Stepping into the slightly smaller shower, I immediately grab his cock and suck it hard. Peter has left me horny and wanting, and Paul has found himself in a good situation. Grabbing another washcloth to wipe Paul down, I lather on some more body wash and wipe him down. Paul has sensed my need and is already fondling my breasts and crotch. Without warning and before I am finished washing him he pulls me up, pushes my legs around him, and pushes his penis inside me. I scream with delight to feel him inside of me. Equally frustrated, Paul begins pounding away and is soon moaning and grunting. My own orgasm is starting to build whensuddenly pulls out and puts me on the ground. With a whimper I watch him open the shower door and, surprisingly, grab a bottle he turns me around and orders me to stand against the wall and spread my cheeks. Cool lubricant is then spread on my ass. Paul loves to do me anally, and I love it because he loves it. Eager to feel him inside me, I push my ass out and whimper. He closes the door and presses his cock against me, slowly sliding it in all the way until his abs touch my butt.

Arguably, I love the feeling of an entire cock in my ass more than an entire cock in my pussy, but this Monday I was in for a treat. Paul had worked his rhythm up and was pounding me hard, grunting, when Simon opened the door and protested the length of the shower. Upon seeing what was happening, he opened the shower door and told Paul to turn me around. undoing his pants and releasing his massive 11" penis, he began removing his pants and ordered me to suck him. Eagerly (I am very VERY horny by this point) I take him in my mouth while he continues to strip and Paul continues to work in my ass. Without warning Simon pulls away and I feel hands under my arms. I am lifted vertically to find Paul holding me under my arms and Simon holding my calves up and away from me. He then leans in and pushes his own cock inside of my pussy.

This is probably my third favorite position, being held up by a pair of muscular arms with both holes filled. They begin to work me in tandum. Maybe a minute passes before my first orgasm explodes. This pushes Paul over the edge, and I can feel him twitch and pulse deep inside my ass. This pushes me into another ograsm, a long, rolling, loud one. Simon has now reached his peak, shoves his cock all the way in me, and orgasms long and hard deep inside me. This pushes me into a third, shallower orgasm. As Simon comes down from his high, he and Paul both remove themselves and put me down. Paul exits as I kneel to suck on Simon's penis. He washes his hair and face while I do this, then orders me to wash his body. After this is done he exits and Matt steps in. The youngest of the bunch, Matt is also still the sweet, innocent little child. Our showers involve him asking me questions about my body, his body, and sex in general while I wash his hair, face, and body. While I absolutely love showering with the other three, showers with Matt are my favorite. Once done, I towel off and head toward Mary's room.

She stands, naked, looking into her closet. No matter how many times I see her, Mary always stuns me with her beauty. At 17, she is curvacious and sexy, a thin waist with enormous breasts and perhaps the sexiest ass I have ever seen. Innocently, she turns and asks what she should wear. I always try and dress her in small, tight things that accentuate her body, but she prefers loose-fitting clothes. This morning, however, I convince her to wear a small blouse with a large v-neck and a pair of flared khakis that make her butt look INCREDIBLE! Her regular panties are replaced with an o-ring thong from Vicky's (My present to her on her 17th birthday) and no bra. This last one was a bit of a stretch for her, but she was running late and had little time to argue. (especially because I did not allow her to open her bra drawer.) As we were leaving, she noticed that a small pool of cum had formed on her bedspread, having leaked from inside me. "Clean it up." she ordered. As I turned to get a washcloth, she said, "No. With your mouth." Feeling myself growing wet again, I bent and sucked it off her comforter. "Is this good, mistress?" I ask. "That'll do." She replies. As she passes me, I notice her erect nipples through the fabric of her shirt and give an inner shudder of horniness. Oh, but the day she discovers she is bisexual...

Going downstairs to see the kids off, my mistress asks if everything is in order, to which I tell her it is. A kiss from each of the children and one for their mother and they are gone, leaving my mistress and I alone. What today will bring, only she knows.

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Gotta say again I need a sex slave!!!

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