A Weeks as a sex slave: Wednesday (cont.4)  

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10/3/2005 11:15 am

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A Weeks as a sex slave: Wednesday (cont.4)

Still naked, we ate lunch before oiling up to go tanning. Once at our poolside we angled the lounges for maximum exposure, set a timer, and soaked up the rays. Half an hour and we turned over. Another half our and it was time for a break.

Mistress headed inside for a couple glasses of ice water. Watching her toned, lineless ass wiggle to the house started the juices flowing yet again. I decided on a quick dip in the pool to cool off while she was inside. A quick dive and a few kicks propelled me to the other side of the pool. I leaned against the bullet-nose brick in the shallow end and thought about how my tenure with my mistress had started on a day very similar to this one almost 5 years ago. If only I had known then what I know now...

...then I would... what? Refused and shunned the family who had already given so much to me? Willingly accepted? Funny how in the grand scheme, some things could happen at only a specific moment...

My reveries were cut short by my mistress returning outside. She set the glasses on a table between the lounges, padded to the board, and executed a flawless swan dive. I never understood how she did those without a bra, because the wate slaps your breasts hard upon entry and always left me short of breath.

She kicked underwater toward me. I dodged to the right and grabbed her ankle as she glided past, hands searching for me. I twisted, right hand on her ankle while my left shot forward and gripped her around her stomach. Pulling up, I lifted her out of the water, only to push her back in. She came up shaking the water from her hair and eyes, a malicious grin on her face.

"So the slave wants to wrestle?" she intoned. "Fine then. I dare you to try that again."

I shot forward and gripped her by the wrists. She struggled against my hold, twisting around and lifting my right arm behind me. I twirled and put her in the same lock, to which she dove, taking me with her. We continued to wrestle until we were exhausted and came up panting. (Not just from the physical exertion.)

Unnanounced, Paul clapped from the deck table. "Vars has got you, mom." he said.

"She most certainly does not, young man!" mistress said in mock irritation.

"Oh yes she does." he repeated, stripping off his shirt and unbuckling his pants. He walked to the edge where we were leaning and sat down, cock already hard and throbbing. Without an order, I took him in my mouth and began sucking him.

Paul and his mother talked about his day and his classes as if nothing abstract were occuring. I continued to suck him until they finished and Paul hopped in the pool. He quickly got behind me, spread my legs, and pushed himself into me. I leaned onto the pool for support as he stroked me hard. Already close to an orgasm from my sucking, he quickly reached a short and sweet orgasm. A quick rest and he pulled out, dried off, and headed inside.

I rejoined mistress on the lounges, as we still had two more turns to do. The remaining time passed without interruption until Peter announced his arrival home. We only had a few minutes remaining on our last turn, so we shooed him away and returned to our tanning. When the alarm went off, we gathered our things and headed indoors.

Mistress went through the door first, and I followed closely holding our tanning oil and a couple towels. I followed her through the kitchen door when


and Simon let out a hyena's laugh. I whipped around, a towel already twisted and ready, and popped him hard on the leg. His quickly whoop turned into a yelp.

"What was that for!" he protested.
"It was for popping my ass so hard. Care to try again?" I asked.
"No ma'm, not when you have that deadly weapon."
"Next time I won't miss." I promised.

His eyes grew wide as the full meaning of my statement hit him. His legs closed slightly and a hand went to his crotch. Now, did he really think I would do anything to damage his gorgeous cock? Apparently...

I went upstairs to discard the towels in the laundry, but noticed my door half shut when I reached the top of the stairs. I never shut my door...

I peeked in to find Mary and Alice rifling through my dresser. Irritated, I tossed the towels in the laundry and returned to the door,determined to get them.

Instead, I saw Alice's naked body glancing through my closet. Instantly I was wet (and my mind screamed how wrong that was) I watched as she selected the transparent red dress and donned it.

Unconciously, my hand had found my pussy and had begun rubbing. The dress was small on me, but fit Alice perfectly. It hugged her breasts and her hips, giving her a perfect body. My fingers were getting faster and faster. Mary walked over to adjust a strap on the back, but slid both hands around to cup Alice's breasts when she finished. The hands then travelled down the front and up under the short bottom until they found Alice's naked pussy. Alice moaned and leaned back into Mary, her right hand going behind Mary's head and her legs spreading slightly. Mary continued to work Alice for a momnt, then abruptly stopped and went back to the drawer.

My mind snapped back to reality at this point and forced my hand away from my clitoris. I walked in, pretending to not have seen.

"Alice! Who told you to go through my clothes?!"
"Mary said you told her it would be alright after school!" Alice said, frightened.

I glared at Mary. "I told her to ASK first."
"You said it would be alright." Mary said nonchalantly, continuing her explorations. "You have cum on your leg." she said, absentmindedly.

And so I did, a little dribble of Paul-jism running down my thigh. Alice gasped slightly. I was too embarrased to say anything, so I turned to leave.

"We'll need to take Alice home later, Vars. Before 6."
"Alright. Just come get me." I stammered, wanting to leave. I headed back downstairs, silently cursing my fingers.

SunneyOne 43F

10/3/2005 12:49 pm

As always, lovely Varsana, hot, thought provoking and leaves us hanging. I've devoured your entire story but am left wanting as to the why's. How did you come to be with the family? Why did it start? Were you ever a slave before this? Is there a time limit?

Most of all, thank you for sharing yourself. Intriguiging.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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10/4/2005 6:04 am

I agree with SunneyOne about the questions. There is something about you that sets you apart from the stereotypical slave. Analytical minds would, I'm sure, have it figured out by now. Perhaps my analytical abilities are being weakened by you as Superman was by Kryptonite. Whatever, your family is extremely fortunate to have you in their household. Thanks for always making my cock hard. Now if I could only get you to finish the job! Kiss,Kiss!

enslavednymph 39F
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10/4/2005 8:48 am

The answers to these questions are coming soon. For the moment, though, I will provide a couple answers.

I was not a slave before.
My time is unlimited.
The story of how I started is lengthy, touching, and very sexy. While you may say my family is fortunate to have me, I am more fortunate to have them.

How would an analytical mind have worked this out?

rm_matthewfoley 41M

10/4/2005 4:32 pm

Okay, I'm addicted to this blog...
And we're still on Wednesday? And I thought I was oversexed

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