A Week as a sex slave: Tuesday (cont. 5)  

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9/9/2005 12:26 pm

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A Week as a sex slave: Tuesday (cont. 5)

Once inside, mistress told me to go deposit my clothes in my room. "They were fun, but we have painting to do." she said. I headed upstairs, stripped, then returned to the kitchen to await further instructions.

Mistress returned having changed into a white lycra workout set. The shorts were SHORT and the top was obviously am extra-small when she needed at least a medium. (Not because she is large, but because she has enormous breasts!) Her tits were fighting to spill out of it while her nipples were determined to break out of the front. As far as I could tell, the set was slightly translucent... or was it my imagination?

She handed a set to me as well. Although, upon trying them on, I found that mine were, if anything, smaller. The top smushed my breasts against my body and barely covered them. The shorts did not entirely cover my ass standing up and were VERY tight. The fabric stretched so much that it was fairly translucent. Outside in the direct sun, you would probably be able to see through them.

Walking back to the kitchen I found that mistress had already gone out to the garage. Following her into the garage, she had removed the paint tubs and was opening one with the provided tool. I retrieved a stir from the storage room and awaited my instructions. Once the barrel was open, she stood turned toward me.

"Do your clothes fit?"
"No, mistress. They are too small."
"As are mine. Today I was feeling adventerous and thought I might join you in a little exhibitionist activity. Does that excite you?"
My shorts were becoming noticeably wet. "Yes, mistress."
"Good. Get the pans from the storage area and the brushes, then take them out front. We'll have to get the ladder together. Oh, and once you have the brushes out front, I left my phone on the table. Would you get it, in case someone tries to call?"

Doing as I was told, I went through the front door after retrieving the burshes and pans and headed toward the kitchen table. I saw the phone immediately, but also realized my fears. On the table, with a little note, was the same double-sided dildo from yesterday. The note told me I was to lube it up and put it inside me before returning outside with the phone. Grudgingly, but becoming excited, I obeyed. My ass was still a little sore, but not overly so, and, to be truthful, I was glad to feel the familiar pressure between my legs. Grabbing the phone and heading outside, I realized that with every step I was getting more turned on. The shorts were tight enough that you could easily see the bulge of the hilt between my legs, even when I walked. Once in the garage, I placed the phone on the step[ to the storage room, then helped my mistress with the ladder. We wrestled it out front, extended it, and stood it up in the proper place.

"Why don't you climb up first, then I'll go up in a little bit?" she said.
"Yes, mistress."

Climbing the ladder was a chore, as every step pushed the dildo farther into me, sometimes reaching slightly painful portions of my anus. The painting went by quickly, though, and before I knew it, it was time to descend.

Coated in sweat from the hot sun, my workout slothes had indeed become nearly transparent. You could easily see my areolas, and the bulge was now more noticeable, as the fabric had sucked to both it and my skin. I went to the garage for a break, where mistress had water waiting for me. We sat for a moment, then she stood up and went briefly inside. Upon returning, she bent before me and kissed me heavily on the mouth. We made out for maybe three minutes, enjoying the taste of one another, before she went around front to finish the painting. Wanting the exposure to be over with, I hurried out front as well.

After replenishing the paint in the ground pan and lathering some paint on the brush, I went to work. My mind, however, was no longer in the chorse; all I could think about was the dildo between my elgs and how much I wanted to feel a real cock there. I still had my conversation with Mary, too...

I glanced up as I heard mistress shift, only to be looking directly into her crotch maybe 10 feet above. To my surprise, I noticed a similar bulge in her shorts as the one in mine.

"Mistress, is there a dildo in your pussy?" I asked.
"And my ass as well. I told you, today we are doing the same thing."

Extremely horny now, I hurriedly finished my painting. Byt the time I had my tools put away, mistress was done, and it was time to put hers away. She headed in while I finished the task. As this job was nearing completion, I heard a distinct splash. Mistress was swimming.

Extremely curious and even hornier, I threw the tools into their places and literally ran around back. To my pleasant surprise, I found mistress doing a lazy backstroke in the shallow end, her magnificent breasts bare to the sun.

Quickly throwing off my own clothes, I dove in as well and glided toward her under the water. Breaching the surface, I found her in the same position. I padded toward the pavillion attached to the shallow end and pulled a raft from the supplies there. Dousing it in water to cool it off, I floated it toward mistress and told her I had brought her raft. After a thanks, she climbed onto it, face down.

Slightly dissappointed, I went behind her with the intent to push her, but found myself staring into her naked pussy. It was obviously very wet.

"May I massage my mitress's legs?" I asked, with only a shallow intent to do so.
"Please, they are a tad sore." she lazily responded.

Starting with her feet and working my way (rather quickly) to her upper thighs, I leaned over the raft and covered her pussy with my mouth. A slight moan and a jump told me I had hit the spot. Using my tongue to part her pussy lips, I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Within minutes, mistress was writhing on the raft, gasping for breath and moaning loudly.

"Now, this is what I want to come home to all the time." said master from the gate. His briefcase and clothes were deposited next to my clothes and dildo before he made a perfect dive into his pool.

Anticipating his needs, mistress had moved herself into a sitting position on the side of the pool. I had sat myself on the first step, eager to watch my masters fuck each other. Perhaps I could suck mistress's pussy afterward...

"I have a better idea." master said. "Vars, stay where you are and spread your legs. Honey, come here..."

I did as I was toold, waiting expectantly. Mistress strode over to me, turned around, and sat in my lap. She then spread her legs wide and leaned back against me. Turning her head, she kissed me furiously. I felt master push himself into my mistress, and then could feel his smooth strokes through her. We continued our kiss, her breathing becoming ragged. The motions stopped, though, and a confused moment passed until I felt master's cock being rubbed against my pussy. He then, will some difficulty, slid into me. Still kissing my mistress, my body went into overdrive at the thought of master fucking his wife and his slave at the same time. He moved between the two of us until he could no longer stand it. Pushing himself forcefully into my mistress and breaking our kiss, I watched as he came in her. When he had come down from his orgasm, he put his dick back inside me and fucked me until he was soft. The two of them then toweled off and headed inside.

Horny and dripping for more, I stayed put, debating whether to grab the dildo again or not. My question was answered by Paul and Peter, home early from their exams. They both dove in and made no secret of their intent. Paul pulled off his swim trunks and sat on the edge, ordering me to suck him. Eagerly, I obeyed. While I was doing this, Peter had retreived a bottle of lube from the pavillion and had began lubing my ass. When he was done, his trunks went off and I moved my mouth to his cock. Paul rubbed his own penis with lube and moved behind me, easily sliding into my ass. We stayed like this for a few minutes until I felt Peter on the verge of an orgasm. Pulling my mouth off of him, I pushed Paul away and, climbing the steps, sat on Peter's cock. Leaning back to give Paul access to my pussy, Peter resumed his march toward an orgasm. Paul pushed himself into me just before Peter came in my ass. As his orgasm subsided, I again pushed Paul away, turned myself over, and straddled Peter, allowing Paul access to either of my holes. Paul pushed himself back into my pussy for a while. I played with Peter until he was hard again, pushed Paul away for the last time, and put Peter in my pussy. Paul, nearing an orgasm, returned to my ass and came in short order. We stayed like this for a minute, the boys exhausted. When they had recovered some, I asked them how the tests had gone and about their days. We talked as we toweled off, gather up clothes, and headed inside. Before I had mdae it through the kitchen, Mary and Simon drove into the driveway. I hurried up to my room and straightened myself up some before heading to Mary's room to await our little talk. I was not really looking forward to it, as I had began to second-guess my pushing her toward a lifestyle that may not be very healthy. But, was is done is done, and it was time to face facts.

Mary walked in a few minutes later, looking a littl grumpy. She sat on the bed for a bit before turning her head to stare at me. Not at my eyes, but at my body. This awkward moment extended, and I finally asked her if she was alright.

Instead of a response, she leaned over and kissed me hard on the mouth.

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9/12/2005 6:42 pm

hey this is great but i am anxiously awaiting to hear how the rest of your week is spent. When will you be continuing, I check daily, but havent seen any new blogs since 9/9. Cant wait to hear about the other blogs you have in mind to write. Tell your master that we are awaiting your blogs so you need some more free time to complete them. LOL, now that you have us all hooked hear, please dont keep us hanging.

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I found my dream girl!!!

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