Danger - Look up!  

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2/14/2006 12:39 am

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Danger - Look up!

There are certain quirks of particular languages which I sometimes find interesting. One of the funniest in Swedish is what Swedes say when they’re about to have an orgasm ‒ instead of “I’m coming, I’m coming,” they say “I’m going, I’m going!”. (Well, see you later, then, it was nice while it lasted.)

Another is the Swedish expression for ”Look out”.

”Se upp!” they say, literally translated as ”Look up!”. I’ve always thought that if a menacing Viking warrior armed to the teeth was approaching, the last thing you’d want to do would be to look at the sky - the danger’s right in front of you, for fuck’s sake!

However, now I have a theory about where the expression comes from…

Yesterday, I sneaked out of the office for a surreptitious cigarette and stood in my usual place under a doorway just around the corner. Seconds after I arrived in my little alcove, a huge lump of ice came smashing down a couple of feet in front of me. If it had hit me on the head I’d probably be either dead or in hospital with serious head injuries. As it was, I took the whole incident in my stride, counting myself very lucky not to have left the office a few seconds later than I actually did, but also wondering how to escape from my embattled position. Luckily, a building worker nearby had witnessed the incident, and after we’d had a bit of a laugh together, he reassured me that there was no one on the roof clearing the snow (not that I found this particularly comforting, as this left me at the mercy of the randomness of nature).

So…what did I do before escaping from my dangerous predicament? I looked up, of course!

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