Names, Again  

endowed_4_fun 42M
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8/13/2006 12:48 pm

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8/15/2006 12:56 pm

Names, Again

I've had some progress on my new name for this site. I've secured the rights to "HoldenMCaulfield." I'm not settled on this, however, as its not quite as perfect as "holdencaulfield" or holden_caulfield", both of which are taken, but have been unused for quite some time (his middle name was Morissey, btw). I like the name as just about everyone has read the book and can identify with the character -- including myself, of course.

I'm also considering blue_canary, a reference to "Birdhouse In Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants, a favorite song of mine.

Artistic, I checked and RaggedyAndy is taken. Shucks. However, Ragged_E_Andy is available, which might not be so bad, considering the Wyle E. Coyote tie-in.

I'm still open to any and all suggestions.


Addy19742 43F

8/13/2006 1:08 pm

LOL! I like them all! I am just sad about endowed 4 fun. Now I am thinking of changing my name. LOL However, you will lose all your blog. I guess you will just start over.

endowed_4_fun replies on 8/13/2006 3:23 pm:
There's two things I don't like about my current name. First is that if I saw someone else with this name, I'd think to myself "What a jackass." Second, it just reminds me what a drunken fool I was when I came up with the name in the first place.

As for my blog, I figure I can just link to this one and keep it as an archive.

ArtisticTwist75 41F
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8/13/2006 3:44 pm

You know, I hear every serial killer ever caught (of course I imagine this is an exaggeration) had a copy of Catcher on them... Interesting little tidbit... whatever you choose, I'll be happy as long as you BLOG ON...


endowed_4_fun replies on 8/13/2006 4:02 pm:
Hmmm... I hadn't heard that one, but I will take that under advisement. I've got an image as a non-serial killer that I'd like to maintain.

rm_wetfingeraz 54F
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8/13/2006 9:18 pm

Ironically, I just re-read that book. So far, you don't appear to be that manic...yet.

endowed_4_fun replies on 8/13/2006 10:07 pm:
Yeah, let's hope not. But still, its easy to identify with his rebeliousness, hatred of phonys, and desire say "Fuck you!" to the world.

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