A Modest Proposal  

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7/14/2006 6:14 pm

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A Modest Proposal

The latest "football-players-get-higher-grades-than-they-deserve" story comes out of Auburn today. The more I hear about this sort of thing, the more I like an idea that I've been mulling over for quite a few years now. It is this: colleges and universities should offer a "Professional Athlete" degree. The coursework would include public speaking, finance/economics, health/nutrition, biology/anatomy, law, broadcasting, etc. They could even choose a specialty of their chosen sport, and learn about its history, techniques, coaching/strategy theories.

In short, they would learn everything they needed to be a professional athlete in today's world, and prepare them for life after their athletic career is over. Arm them with enough knowledge to smoothly make a transition into broadcasting, coaching, being an agent, retirement (without blowing all their money), or whatever they plan to do.

It would greatly aid in a college's ability to recruit athletes... offer them an education in something they'll actually use and be more likely to want to learn, as it is practical knowledge -- not like Liberal Arts or Sociology or some other degree that no one is ever able to put to use, anyway. And professional sports teams would be more likely to draft someone they know is educated in their chosen field, just like any other employer.

This is what college is for -- to get an education that will prepare you for your career. Why not face the reality and call "professional athlete" a profession and give it a corresponding degree? Universities owe it to these kids to properly prepare them for the world they are going to step into.

Can anyone think of a downside to this plan?

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