pic are sometimes not recieved well  

encantress 63F
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5/2/2005 8:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

pic are sometimes not recieved well

It has been my experience on this site ,to have the pleasure of being insulted.Dam the critics of this sight and thank god they are so few.I loved one experiance in paticular of a member telling me that he doubted that theese are my pics..he tried to tell me i Was a phoney because i kept my location a secret and put in a city that was 10 min.away from me...God help a girl for protecting herself in a small town in which she resides..We ended by him emailing me to tell me to get real pics and a divorce LMAO...Then i was welcome to email him..lol like it would happen..how many of you have had similar experiance as me..I was wondering..Thank God the people i have accepted to talk to and met have been very real Thank you to ALL the real people of this site

vengeur 41M
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5/2/2005 9:30 am

I already wrote a post on how to spot the fake profiles on this site. Your profile and pics do not fit into such a category for quite a few reasons, such as the fact of how many you have, how they look, etc. Your pics are lovely, btw. You have a pretty smile and sexy body. This is all coming from a real person. too.

fotopanter 58M

5/2/2005 9:50 am

Who would.nt want to protect themselves by placing there location of rout of where thay really are. I to have my location placed in a more metropolitan place. In reality, I am north of that place in a smaller community. On reason, because my job allows me to see alot of people and I do not want to be identified from this site of my private lifestyle by everyone whom I meet in public.

You can shoot but I like to expose

rm_bikerguy9 56M

5/2/2005 11:23 am

I agree. You need to keep yourself safe. And you have wonderful pictures. I'd love to be in your network if it's not too full!!!

leyndokona2 49F

5/7/2005 4:16 am

My favorites are the ones who won't believe I'm happily married. What on earth would bring a happily married woman to a site like this? Only thing that is not true on my profile is my date of birth but it's less than a couple of weeks off so just a tiny white lie.

rm_EE407 41F
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5/8/2005 3:33 am

Happily I have not yet been called a fraud, but you are quite right. A girl needs to protect herself! Don't let the men tell you any different!

pett222 64M

5/8/2005 5:09 am

So Far I haven't---but I'm a guy----but you should keep protecting yourself and your family--

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