Zen and the art of fantastic sex  

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7/1/2005 9:57 am

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Zen and the art of fantastic sex

Mmmm.... (I've been saying "mmm" a lot lately, but it does kind of express my usual state of mind.) Woke up with a massive afterglow. Singing in the kitchen. (Badly, and it was "Love Shack", but still, singing in the morning. In the morning!)

What a great night. "This just makes my MONTH," I told Daniel, even before we'd moved to the bed. In retrospect, the morning after - yes. Yes, it does make my month.

First of all, the man is fascinating. He gets bored, and where most of us would decide to watch a movie or go out for a walk, he decides to learn Arabic. He takes up esoteric interests (that have nothing to do with his field of employment - hence, massage therapy, etc.) with a vengeance, gets good at them and then takes up something else. Also he's quite attractive. I was having a good time, with or without the promise of massage.

But whether or not anything sexual happened, I WAS hoping to get a few kinks out of my back. He was as good as his word. Massage table set up, lights low. Candles and incense, classical Asian (Chinese?) music. I'd have thought it was the pickup equivalent of putting Barry White on the stereo if I hadn't had massages before and known that the good massage therapists set the mood.

I slipped naked between the sheets on the table and proceeded to relax as much as I could with his hands moving over me, knowing where I wanted those hands to go... mmmm. Good. Great massage. Great. I feel loose, relaxed.

But, a shortish massage. He got to my lower back and I was soaking wet on the sheets. I spread my legs slightly as he massaged my calves, and thighs, and slid his hands over my ass and I could barely restrain myself from lifting my body so the slickness between my legs would meet his hands...

...Didn't have to wait too long, though. "Roll over," he said, which I did, under the sheet - and he began to massage my legs from the front, then my thighs, and I couldn't stop myself from arching toward him - then, his hand was sliding up between my legs, rubbing the shaven mound just above my clit, and I thrusted and moaned and pulled the sheet down below my breasts - he pulled the sheet completely off.

I was lying there, naked and moaning on his massage table, with him fully clothed and standing over me, making me arch and gasp as he ran his hands over my body and dipped his finger into my dripping pussy.

Oh, wow. If the massage didn't make my month, that did. His touch was completely controlling me.

Then I pulled him down for a kiss, and we moved to the bed...


(This is probably getting too long, so I'll have to do this in two posts. It's worth it. I've even reactivated my profile so people can look at me, then read my blog. Ironic that Daniel challenged the nonfiction quality of this blog, and that's how we started writing... hehe.)

JAKE72760 56M

7/2/2005 9:47 am

Excellent, can't wait to read second part. Oh yeah, also thinking I how wish I was Daniel


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