Un jour au chocolat....  

empress_evie 39F
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9/14/2005 10:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Un jour au chocolat....

It's been a really nice day. Played hooky, really shouldn't have, but the day was SO nice and I just couldn't bring myself to experience three hours of a class I hadn't read for, not when the breeze was that cool and pleasant... Also, I bought an expensive purse I've wanted for a while, I ate some good chocolate, I took a nice long bath, I met a good guy. Not in that order.

So this guy Alex has been teasing me with mentions of this dessert shop down the street from him, making frosting innuendo and so forth... I got him back with a bit of chocolate innuendo, describing the oddly spicy, very sensual chocolate made by Vosges (I think their main store is in Bucktown or something... not sure, but there's one on Michigan Ave.)... He happened to be off work this afternoon, and relaxing in a Cafe Near Me. I had work to do but, as mentioned above, blew it off. Hmmm. Should I wander by? I wandered by.

He's too cute. I knew him right away, which is always good - we seemed to sort of click, and then I noticed that the cafe sold bars of the Vosges chocolate with the curry and the coconut in, and we ate it sitting on (well, more accurately, in) a saggy cafe couch. He looked at me, fascinated by something. What? Was there something on my face? "I'm just watching your expression while you're eating that," he said, and yeah, I guess I do look somewhat orgasmic when experiencing good food... especially rich, strange spiced chocolate, while flirting on a couch with someone worth flirting with.

It was nice to just FLIRT, talk a while, let my usual nervous meeting-new-people chatter (I was a shy kid, I've never really outgrown it, but I fight it) fall into conversation, grin and lock eyes and glance teasingly away and back... touch arms, touch fingers, share a weird delicious chocolate bar. He had somewhere to be, so there wasn't any pressure to get into any sort of bed on any sort of schedule. No certainties about that, anyway. Just flirting... which is to say, possibilities.

I've missed that. That let's-see-what-happens feeling. I would very much like to see what happens, and he's got a break in his busy schedule this weekend, it seems. That would be very nice.

I'm liking this week.

On the way home from the cafe, I stopped by a store that contains many items I covet... I admit it, I've inherited my mother's purse obsession. However, where she collects the name brands, I go for creative leather goods. I'd have nine briefcases if I could AFFORD nine briefcases. Now, I suppose, I have two... because I found what's likely to be the perfect bag, a shoulder briefbag. Front pocket for the CD player. It cost WAY too much. It's red leather.

I'm happy.

I'm dangerous when I'm in a good mood. This is the opposite of most people... When I'm in a bad mood, yes I sulk, but I focus - I don't waste time, I do things and get them done with, I channel the anger/frustration into irritated efficiency. Back when I had a car, I could drive perfectly well when I was angry about something. It's when I was HAPPY that my mind wandered, I daydreamed, I drifted into the wrong lane.... I smile at people on the street, I tip cab drivers excessively, I grin at dogs (making eye contact with a dog pretty much guarantees it's going to try to come over to you... either that or they just like me). I buy expensive bags because I feel like it, when I'm in a good mood. I eat too much chocolate and figure it'll be fine. (Then again, it usually IS fine, because I go for long walks when I'm happy, which counteracts at least some of the chocolate.)

If this week keeps going well, I think I'm going to have to freeze my credit card in a block of ice again. It works. By the time it's melted, you've seriously thought about what you're going to buy and why... at least, if you use enough ice.

IPman 60M
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9/15/2005 5:22 am

Hmmmm a bag obsession, well I should have known, well that’s not true, how could I have known? What I mean to say is, I should have expected it. I have the most beautiful Hartman brown leather briefcase... its about 10 years old now and looks and feels like an old friend. I was so happy with it; I ventured out and bought another Hartman bag that holds a suit and hangs in hotel closets.... it has been in many closets. So I guess I and my bags are coming out of the closet today, yes I am a dude that likes nice bags.

Two holidays ago I wandered into a Coach store desperately seeking the "perfect" gift; I found the most amazing pair of ladies leather gloves, the leather was so supple, simply unbelievable! They were a big hit, since then I keep an eye out in that store for the newest color or weird bag combination, after all, my lady friends can't have "enough" bags. LOL

I was so impressed with the store and the goods that I bought their stock, it has actually gone up, in fact I think its doubled. (Something that most stocks I buy choose not to do)

I had a lady friend from here who was partial to YSL bags (I don't like them, poor designs, ugly bland colors, I think its a status thing) I was told during one of my frequent trips to our nations capitol that if I got off of the Metro at such and such street I could find a street vendor who sells YSL's on the cheap. It was like buying pot when I was in college, I walk up to this gigantic Jamaican dude.. "Hey do you have and Louie bags?" "Are you a cop?" "Do I look like a cop?" "Hold on!" and he disappears under his vendor table and pulls out a large box filled with YSL bags... I am certain these are knock-offs, but they did look pretty good, they had the right tags and do-dads hanging off of the zippers... As I am digging through the collection two sisters walk up and start rummaging through the box also, he seems pissed, I pull out a large bag negotiate the deal and pay cash... It seemed so illicit. Very cool! Thankfully he had a bag I could put the "bag" in so as to not draw to many looks from strangers... It was a surprise and big hit. LOL

PS: I also love that: lets see what happens feeling.

empress_evie 39F

9/15/2005 1:45 pm

One of my profs wrote a paper on trademark issues surrounding knockoff bags, especially really good knockoff bags! She is so obsessed with purses. She made me lend her my Coach purse (a hand-me-down from Mom, who gets bored with bags easily) to teach about trademarkable product features. I had to bring it to every class. And now I won't buy a knockoff bag because I feel like I'd be letting my prof down. And I'm with you on the YSL.

Random thought: Amazing who you meet and what you talk about on this site. You expect pure sex but sometimes it's more than that. That's one of the reasons I'm here!

youscreamiscream 39M

9/16/2005 8:20 pm

I love it, you definately are in better spirits.

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