The Legend of the Frenulum - One night, two orgasms  

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8/19/2005 5:37 pm

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The Legend of the Frenulum - One night, two orgasms

"And that," Matt said, indicating the ridge where the head of his cock meets the shaft, "is the frenulum. Say it with me. Fren-u-lum."

"Is that what it is?" I said, rolling on top of him and slowly impaling myself upon his cock, frenulum and all.

Only Matt would then continue discussing the parts of the penis. "The Legend of the Frenulum," he said for some reason before I started making him gasp, and I announced that that would be the title of this blog entry. I forget the context in which said legend was being discussed. Matt doesn't need context. He's just - Matt. Perpetually amused, perpetually amusing, and with a fantastic way of touching me with easy strokes across my clit till I'm thrusting my hips up towards his hand and demanding his cock.

The thing with the guy didn't work out (it was Joe actually, work had called him WAY out of town - he got back today, I can't wait to see him again), but luckily Matt was online and headed over after work - and I couldn't wait to see him again either. Matt's the same yummy guy from my "An unexpected afternoon" entry farther back in this blog. We've been meeting up for... god, I don't even remember. A while. Lately I've been seeing him during most of my slutty sprees, and I like it quite a bit. I like him. A very good guy, Matt. He's as sex-crazed as I am, in a serious relationship the same way I am, funny of course (the Legend of the Frenulum - wtf?!?) and I find humor to be incredibly sexy. We maintain witty banter even as we approach orgasm.

And he's comfortable wherever he is. He walked in my place, headed to the bedroom and promptly took off all his clothes, grinning madly. (Not like I minded. Matt's got a nice body, and his cock was hard - I love the mere existence of hard cocks. Dear god, I am a horny mostly-straight woman.) Lay down on the bed next to me where I was logging on to show him pictures of a couple on this site that we're thinking about possibly hooking up with. I reached for his cock without even thinking. Cock = grab and play with. I'm fascinated with 'em! I didn't even get a chance to take my shirt off...

Well, okay, I did. Very shortly after. He kisses my nipples softly, delightful last night because they were really sensitive. I was just way too wet for my own good... and after some slow playful fucking, and some teasing of his cock with my tongue, I decided to get out my toy and see how close I could get to orgasm... He stroked himself while I gasped, getting closer and closer - "Can you go inside me? I want to come while you're inside me," I demanded. I pulled my legs back, far - wrapped them around his back as he sat up, cock deep inside me, moving slowly, hitting JUST the right spot as I came, hard, pulsing around him. GOD I love doing that. An orgasm is so much better when someone's filling me up...

And we took a break, talking about whatever, probably annoying my next-door neighbor with all my laughing at his dry witty comments... (I'm quiet during sex, 'cause she'll hear me - she has before... granted, that was two years ago, I was drunk and he was drunk and we were both screaming and it was 4 in the morning... but I digress...)

...and then he made me come AGAIN.

Twice. In one night. I don't DO that. It's that medicine. But he made me do it... I slid to the edge of the bed, and he fucked me, staring intently down at me as I teased my clit with my vibrator, getting closer and closer and clenching around him again - and right after that, he came too, all over my stomach. Damn, he's great. You reading this, Matt? Of course you are. You're good at what you do.

Anyway, that was a GOOD night. Before I saw Matt, I was really disappointed about missing out on Joe, and kind of in a sulky mood when Matt showed up - nor was I the hottest slinky sex kitten in the world, wearing my glasses and a tank top and shorts, having sat around online all day killing time. But damn, he's good, and just hanging around him cheered me up in mere minutes. The taking-off-his-clothes-and-sprawling-on-the-bed thing is what did it, I think. Such a cocky, easygoing, Matt thing to do. He commented on how he can never anticipate what I'm going to focus on about him in my blog entries, and I wonder if he suspected what I'd pick this time... Hehe, I'm so mischievously unpredictable.

Oh yeah, the couple we want to hook up with. Yes, we want to hook up with a couple! He wants two girls. I want two guys. Why not do both at the same time? In bed, we discussed the logistics of a foursome... "Right now," he said, me riding him, "you could have another cock in your mouth." I added, "And another girl could be licking your balls while I fuck you." Mmmmmm.

I'll write more about our progress in achieving our mutual fantasies soon... this blog entry's long enough, and I should probably eat some food or something. It's been a lazy day, punctuated with hanging curtains and listening to jets fly by (it's the Air and Water Show this weekend).

But I ought to mention my legs were shaking as I stood up to kiss Matt goodbye... Wow. Orgasms. Two. One night. That doesn't happen to me. I guess it does now...

MillsShipsGayly 51M

8/20/2005 9:40 am

A guy can learn something new everyday on here ... WHile I am very hapy that you reached a second orgasm in one night (that lucky stiff , I am still ponering the frenulum.

Fearlessly facing his frenulum,
she followed forcefully
with fantastic fellatio


redmustang91 57M  
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8/20/2005 4:08 pm

And there is perenium too! Sounds like fun, wish we could have a nice MFM together! I would love to suck your cute small sensitive breasts!

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