Satin and black lace  

empress_evie 39F
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9/12/2005 9:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Satin and black lace

I cured my angst from the previous entry! By doing what IPMan suggested and going on a black-lace-oriented shopping spree. Hot Topic wasn't involved.

Victoria's Secret was. I had this sudden urge for skimpy black lacy panties and a sheer black bra, preferably a sheer black mesh bra, with lace around the edge. (With my petite breasts, I look great in triangle bras and low-cut demi-bras... unlined, of course, for sexy occasions when I want my nipples visible through the gauzy fabric. I really don't own enough sheer bras.)

But the freakin' store didn't have what I was looking for! Lots of pink. Lots of cheerful colors, plenty of polka dots, a bit of plaid, and they're very big on selling their sleek elegant padded push-up bras right now, in rich fall colors. But no sheer black. How does a lingerie store get away with not selling a sheer black bra? With lace on it? I mean, what more basic lingerie IS there? Arrg.

(I mean, I LOVE polka dots. My favorite panties are flimsy mesh string bikinis, the strings tied in bows at both hips that untie with one tug... blue with green polka dots, green with pink polka dots, pink with red polka dots... I love fun panties, especially the mesh ones that feel like you're not wearing anything at all. But sometimes fun panties must take second place to dangerously sexy panties.)

I settled for a flowy skirt and an elegant black-satin-and-lace top at Express, with which I am very pleased. By the time I got home, I wasn't feeling quite so sad, or quite so in need of squishy romance. I was feeling kinda sexy again. Yeah, shopping can work.

Also, Joe found me out about the angst - the guy from back a few weeks, the one who never shuts up and drove me insane with his tongue, who I admitted I'd consider dating if I wasn't with someone. We finally got in touch after, like, weeks of trying to get our schedules to mesh so we could hook up again. I sent him an email, he called me literally a minute later. The subject rambled around to my wanting something a little more than a fuckbuddy... and he said, "Can I present myself as a candidate?"

Oh hell yes he can. I don't know him all that well yet, but I so very much dug him that one time we met... We're going out Thursday. As in, he is taking me to a restaurant and not telling me which restaurant ahead of time. HELL YES. That NEVER happens to me. Is it just that I'm an exuberant, decisive personality (heh), or I just don't go on "dates" except with West Coast Guy and he ALWAYS makes me pick the restaurant, or I just know about restaurants and the people I hang out with don't? Man, even when I was younger and actually dating people with the purpose of having a relationship, I always had to pick the freakin' restaurant. It's sexy to have someone else pick it for me. Manly. Which means I get to be womanly. Sometimes playing one's own gender role is fun.

So yeah, there's potential for that sort of attraction thing I was talking about with Joe. I could so dig that. I even feel my playfulness returning... the point where I'm feeling up for meeting new people! The difference is, I'd be meeting them for the sake of Meeting New People, talking and getting to know a guy, not for getting laid. (Unless we click, and we're horny, and there's an apartment or a hotel or a cab or a convenient park bench nearby.)

I should go to the Victoria's Secret web site - I'm sure they have the bra and panties I want, just not in the store. Shopping cured angst. We now return to our regularly scheduled sex blog.

rm_chimagic 45M
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9/15/2005 7:30 am

I hope you found the bra & panties. I agree with you, there's nothing sexier than a sheer bra and sexy, mesh panties.

empress_evie 39F

9/15/2005 1:50 pm

Just got a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail yesterday (I like looking at 'em... of course, people on the elevator watching me read it don't know that I enjoy the models as much as the lingerie) and found ONE (count it, one) sheer bra... in pink only, though. I don't do much pink, although it suits my complexion.

I mostly wear red and black, the basics, but maybe I should do more pink? The angelic look. I can pull it off with the blondeness and innocent face. Hmmmm.... what are your thoughts on that?

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