Thats What Friends Are Fore  

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12/8/2005 8:51 am

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Thats What Friends Are Fore

This happened when me and my ex were going out.
One day I went to Amy's (my ex) house for a surprise
visit because I knew her parents were gone for the
weekend. Well when I got there I saw a very familiar
car in the driveway, it was our friend Jenn. My mind
being twisted I was thinking they were on the couch
licking and fingering each other. So I went inside
like I usually do because i'm so trusted by Amy's
parents. When I got inside I heard moaning coming from
upstairs, so I just had to look and see what is going
on. So I tiptoed upstairs and listened, it was coming
from her parents room. I sneaked up to the door and
thankfully it was partly open, so I peaked in.What I
saw was unbelievable, Jenn was lapping away at Amy's'
cunt and she was enjoying it very deeply. I just stood
their and waited until Jenn got on the bed and Amy got
between her legs. I stripped as fast as I can and
eased myself into the room. They were to busy to
notice me. By that time my dick was as hard and stiff
as never before. I got right behind Amy and aimed my
cock for her drenched pussy and plunged in. Boy talk
about shock, she jumped forward and both her and Jenn
looked at me. Before I could ask if I could join, they
jumped me with Amy straddling my dick and Jenn sitting
on my face so i could lick her juicy cunt.
This went on for about five minutes when I shot my
load into Amy and Jenn came all over my face for the
last the time. I picked Jenn up and stuck her on the
bed and told Amy to let Jenn lick her out. When she
did that I started to tease Jenn's' cunt with the head
of my dick to push her over the edge. Finally shoving
my cock into her as far I as I could. While I was
pumping away at Jenn's hole I was playing with Amy's
boobs. Amazing that right at the end we all cam
together. We filled the whole weekend like this.

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