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The warm water trickled down my face, neck and torso. I washed my penis well in anticipation of the intense sucking I expected to get. I heard her foot steps and she came into the bathroom. I saw her naked for the first time and it was a delight. Her light brown skin and hazel eyes hinted her mixed race make up. She was svelt and sexy with cat like movements.

Her breasts and nipples felt heavenly under the flow of the warm water. I soaped them down and began to massage her shoulders. I could not resist washing her clit. I wanted to suck it immediately but I held back. I wanted to wait until we got on the bed and I could suck it and lick it good.

My penis rose and began to rub against her wet body. She looked down at it with her fine pointed nose and she looked so sexy. I had to hold back from thrusting my penis deep inside of her right then. I continued to wash her body with a faked patience.

I washed her underarms and azz. I kissed her neck and she let out a moan as my wet lips parted. I parted her azz and inserted my thick finger inside of her vulva. Her head tilted back and the pleasure nearly over came me. This was very dangerous pussy. It could pussy whip or make you cum in 15 seconds. My sexual desire caused my penis to pulsate and get so hard it almost hurt.

She began to slowly wash my body. The hotel soap had withered into a small piece. She complained about it and proceeded to wash me anyway. Her soft touch aroused me even more. She gripped my penis and my bulbous head seemed hideously big.

I exited the shower, dried off and put on deodorant and some Cool Water cologne. I could wait no longer and this was not good as I tended to cum too fast when I was too excited.

She followed me to the bed shortly and climbed in. I put on some new jazz that my sister had sent me and it sounded heavenly as I gently massaged her neck, shoulders and back. She had just gotten off from work and I wanted to release the tension. She moaned. I rubbed her down with baby oil and saturated her vagina lips so I could massage them thoroughly.

I massaged each lip of her pussy until they were swollen. Then I massaged the clit until I could take it no more. I sucked her clit for what seemed like an hour. I stabbed her pussy with my tongue. I kissed her in the fold of her knees. I sucked each toe.

My throbbing penis was so big and excited as it entered her body. She moaned softly as my gentle thrusts slowly penetrated her love chamber. The bulbous head entering her inner chamber caused her to flench, then relax as my penis continued its long journey into her body. Her pussy was not tight. It was not big. It received my large penis with dignity and confidence. I began to thrust slowly.

I found her g-spot almost immediately. It began to make an audible noise and this made me scared that I was going to cum because it was too, too good, she moaned even though she told me earlier that she was not a screamer. I kept hitting the g-spot and she kept moaning and throwing back some powerful strokes. My penis was being hit also on the g-spot and my azz clenched to try to hold my cum.

She undulated faster and faster. Then I felt myself began to release and there was no stopping it. I was so happy when she began moaning loudly and came violently with many squirts. Moments later, I stiffened like a board and my penis began to squirt uncontrollably. I had come in less than 30 minutes. I was so embarassed. She comforted me and told me that that was the purpose of fucking.

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