Latex Glove  

emostargaizer 31M
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12/8/2005 8:12 am

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Latex Glove

She arrived at our meeting spot in her SUV and got into my Mercedes. We went to the ocean front apartment I rent for sexual encounters. Her hips were big and round.

Her breasts were 40 something in size...huge...I could not wait to suck them!

We arrived at the apartment and I took out the box of gloves. She was startled and stood up to look at me gather the sex supplies over the wet bar. Realizing how a large box of latex
gloves must have looked, I explained that they would be used for a massage.

She went to the restroom and came back with her clothes off. She perched on the bed and I removed my suit slowly looking
at her. I hung it up and got onto the bed letting my penis bump against her thighs as I crossed over her.

I began to suck her nipples voraciously making loud noise with my sucking. I licked her nipples in a circle. She moaned and moaned. I did this for a very long time, changing breasts
in interval, rubbing the nipple of the other breast as I sucked the other one.

I coated the nipples with the KY warming lubricant and blew on them to make them hotter. She moaned loudly.

I put the latex gloves on and coated them with the warming lubricant. I put my gloved hand on her clit and vaginal lips gently, coating them well. I felt the warmth of her juices
through the gloves. She moaned loudly. I massaged her clit softly and began to massage each of her vagina lips, slowly, gently.

She moaned and gyrated vigorously. I could not believe she was cumming so quickly. She moaned very loud and came very hard. I went back to massaging her clit and she moaned again. I inserted one finger and she lifted her hips up from the bed and moaned in surprise. I slowly withdrew my finger and reinserted it while massaging her clit with my thumb.
She came again in just a few minutes.

I inserted two fingers and began to stroke her while massaging her clit. She came again!! Violently, moaning loudly.

In just 10 minutes this woman had cum three times. I continued this proceedure, increasing my finger insertion to three, then four she came so much that I lost count. I began to stimulate
the tissue beneath her clit with a hooked finger. She came again. I could not believe it.

The gloves protected her soft vaginal tissue from my finger nails and made the experience more slippery, moist and nasty! It also protected my skin from her vaginal fluids.
I could enter her vagina with my fingers with more force since it was more slippery and when she was cumming this was very effective to intensify her sensation.

She begged me to stop and put my penis inside of her. I asked her how many times she had cum, she said she did not know.

My penis went inside of her and she moaned and whinned as my thick shaft hit her. With only half of it inserted, she began to gyrate and cum again. I made my penis throbb and
she flenched with each pulsating throbb.

Our intense sex lasted for a prolonged period and it was very wet and good due to the latex gloves I used during the foreplay session. Get the latex gloves!!!! Get the warming
lubricant!!! Your lover will appreciate it and you will make women cum so many times!!!

rm_SunnyD54 60F
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12/8/2005 8:57 am

What if your lover is allergic to latex?

emostargaizer 31M

12/8/2005 7:12 pm

well they do make non rubber gloves, but they cost more...

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