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12/8/2005 8:49 am

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In The park

I am sitting under a tree at the park reading this great book one afternoon. I have been trying to read this book for a long time. I am wearing a short pair of white shorts and a body shirt, the wind is slightly blowing and its a nice day to relax under a tree in the park.

As I began to get into the book, My mind is taken away from the story that I am reading about and I imagine I am the guy in the story, it seems that he lives on the six floor of this building and right across from him is this women that always has her blinds open.

I find myself always staring over at her as she undresses and go into the shower, I often wonder if she had ever noticed that I am watching her. She come out of the shower and I have a really good view as she began to rub her pussy gently.

I wish so bad that I could be in her room getting a front row view as she has now gotten her vibrator and is running it along her soft thighs and every now and then she caresses her love spot.

I am now so hard that it feels like I could ram a hole in the wall if I tried to get over there to her. I can see her pulling the vibrator out of her wet pussy and sucking on it, making me wish that she had my dick in her hands sucking it like no tomorrow, uuuuuummm I am so horny now that I feel myself rubbing my dick in my hand.

As I look up from reading my book, I notice a young lady sitting on a bench directly accross from me wearing a short blue mini skirt, with a thin light blue silk blouse, the buttons on her blouse are button up to the third buttonand her small but lovely breast are slightly revealed. Now I have lost all interest in the book as I try to seem as if I do not see her.

My cock has slid to the edge of my short and now is peeking out a I continue to look over at the young lady on the bench.

She must have caught me looking because now she had parted her legs a little just enough to keep my interest, I now notice that she is not wearing any underware and now I can not take my eyes off of her.

This young lady must have known that I was now focus only on her and I knew that she wa looking at my dick as she parted her legs even more.

I could not take anymore of the teasingso I motioned for her to come over and as she got up from the bench, I could see heaven and I wa now in another world.

She had the tinyest figure but it was so cute I wanted to jump her bones like I had never jumped anyone else, as she walked over to where I was I loved the way she twisted her body as she walked, now she was standing right in front of me as my eyes walked up started from her toes up her legs and stopped because I could see her pussy, it was shaved and very pretty, now I continued up to her breast, they wee small and very cute, I would guess that tehy were 32B no more than 34b's but they were a hand ful and I wanted them in my mouth.

I Continued up to her face and she was so pretty, with my mouth wide open and dougling I said, I couldn't help but notice you sitting over there on the bench, why would a pretty young lady as yourself be sitting along.

The young lady informed me that she was instructed to walk in the park by her master, I did not understand but I said alright, and with my surprise she said, I couldn' help but notice that you were looking under my skirt and that you were turned on because I could see you dick getting harder and harder as I spread my legs, she went on to say that she was a slutslave and was instructed to walk in the park and if anyone notice her and wanted her that she would have to do whatever they asked of her.

Now I thought that I had died and gone to heaven, so I had to asked her if she was playing a game or wasshe serious, she said she was serious and if I did not believe her that I could request anything of her.

I looked around and saw that there were some bushes over across the park and we walked over to the bushes and found a bench table. I told her to get up on the table and hike her skirt up and start rubbing her pussy while I watched. She gladly obeyed and started rubbing her pussy with one finger, everything that I asked of hr she gladly obeyed, I told her to insert three finger and pick up the motion, as she rubbed I felt my dick getting close to is fullness and I walked over to the table and begain to slick her pussy as she rubbed her breast, I took her clit in my mouth and gently bit it making her jump with pleasure, now she had started to moan more and more, and I thought that we might be discovered but quitely continued running my tongue in and out of her wet pussy.

I know that I would not be able to keep this up so I pulled her up by her hands, she was now sitting on the table as I gave her my dick in her hands, she almost fainted when she saw how large my dick was, but she obeyed and started sucking the head of my dick and running her tongue up and down the shaft of my dick.

I had to know how sweet this little pussy was so I laid her back on the table and inserted just the head of my dick and she had her finger nails inbedded in my arms as I slowly inserted more of my dick, she gaspped and at one point I thought that she was going to blank out, but she managed to keep focus on the task at hand, as I inserted more of my dick she moan louder with pleasure and begain to beg me to fuck her hard.

I started fucking her faster and faster, deeper and deeper with each stroke, she was lifting her hips to meet my every stroke as I slide the remainder of my dick in her pussy, I could feel her rib cage as I went deeper and deeper and she was now moaning like she had never had a dick so large and so fat, her pussy was stregthed to its capacity and I was in hog heaven and enjoying every minute of it, her voice had lower as she continue to fuck my mah hood and seems to be ready to explode, I knew she was about to give me her all when she dug her fingernails in me more and I could see blood coming from my arms, this turned me on more with the look on her face as she started to shoot all of her warm juices on my dick, I got lost in the moment and I knew I had lost control and started supplying her pussy with more than enough of my own juice as I filled her pussy and could feel it running down the shaft of my dick.

We both laid there for a few minutes and we got up and I asked her if she came to the park on a regular basis, she said that she did whenever her master told her to.

I kissed her on the lips and told her that I do hope that her master tells her to return because from this point on, I would always be looking for her and I knew that I would love to fucvk her again. We said bye to each other and she walked away and I went back to my tree to continue my book.

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