Hay Ride  

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12/8/2005 8:41 am

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Hay Ride

We had a wonderful night. When we got up and had a little breakfast. Brenda said “honey can we go to the farm today and come back Sunday?” I said sure. Her reason was that she wanted to see what it will be like to get ass fucked in the hay. I said you ladies get things ready here and I will go get the motor home empty the holding tanks, check the LP Gas, and fill up the fresh water. This should take me about and hour and half, then we can pack up and go. Brenda said “you owe me a fuck and you owe Carol Lee a suck”. So I told her lets do that in the Hay when we get to the farm. They said ok, and just not to forget about it but how could I? I was back in just a little over an hour, the girls had everything ready to go, we got it all in the motor home, and I said “did you take a blanket? That hay can be rough on your bodies”. Brenda ran and got one form her room and we boarded the motor home. During the drive Carol Lee turned to me, stood up, flipped up her skirt up (revealing her bald dripping wet pussy) and said “your lunch can be eaten at any time Dan”. I told her not to worry and that I will make sure that I have second and third helpings for lunch.

We got out to the farm after the one hour drive and I parked under some shade trees. We got everything all set up, took a quick shower with the help of Brenda and Carol Lee. After the shower they put on their robes and handed me mine. We then walked from the farm house to the barn in the back of the house. We walked in and I said “honey I believe I owe you a fuck and Carol Lee I owe you a suck”. I spread out the blanket, took off my robe and so did the girls, I said “if I remember right Carol Lee is to help you get my cock in your pussy honey”. She said yes and got over me, Carol Lee got on her knees and took my cock in her hand and kissed my cock. Carol Lee said “big boy you better fuck her as good as you did me last night” as she sucks my dick hard and lubricates it with her spit. Once she started to gag on my cock then she knew that it was as hard as I could get, she then guided me into Brenda's pussy.

Brenda pushed herself down as far as she could go, her face exploded with pleasure as her pussy swallowed my cock whole. Brenda started to ride me up and down up and down; Carol Lee quickly sat on my face facing Brenda. Carol Lee said “That’s it honey suck that cunt baby make me cum in your mouth at the same time you cum in Brenda’s cunt”. I didn’t know what it was, but Brenda was really milking my cock so I started licking as hard and fast as I could on Carol Lee's clit. She said “your good honey not as good as Brenda, but very good for a man”. I bit down on her clit she said “your getting there honey”. Brenda was riding me faster and taking longer strokes, they both yelled at the same time “I'm cummmmmmmmmming, uhhhhh uhhh ohhhh uhhhh ohhh gooooddddd ohh fuck fuck ohhhhhhh fuck uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Carol Lee told Brenda to quickly lie on her back and she got between Brenda’s legs and started sucking. I got over Brenda's face she told me “fuck my mouth till you cum Dan”. I loved when this happened, Carol Lee was licking Brenda’s clit and in turn she was moaning loudly. With this, the vibrations of her moans tickled my dick this was an amassing feeling. Her moans grew louder and longer because of Carol Lee’s lucking. Carol Lee snuck two fingers into Brenda’s aching pussy; she let out a scream when her g-spot was being vigorously stimulated. We lasted almost 45 munits before I Brenda felt my warm cum squirt down her throat. I got off and kissed her and then I kissed Carol Lee.

We some how end up on the blanket with me in the middle. Brenda said “Dan did you ever think about rimming us out here in the barn”, I said “back then I only thought about sucking and fucking both of you at the same time but I’m glad that you both decided to do this”. Brenda then asked me if I could lick her ass hole, I agreed and started to lick. Carol Lee then said that she has never seen any kind of ass play and that she was interested in it. She got on her hands and knees then sank down on her arms, making her ass lift up in the air. I then got behind her and told Carol Lee to get on her knees next to me. I pushed Brenda's ass cheeks apart I said “Isn't that a cute little pink asshole”? Carol Lee said “Yes, I think mine is a light tan though. I said “most of them are, but there are just a few good ones like this. I bent down and told her what to do, “You just sort lick all around the asshole till the person starts pushing back at you then you push your tongue into the ass hole and start tongue fucking it. I did everything that I just told Carol Lee. As I just began to slide my tongue into Brenda’s hole she told Carol lee how good it felt and how to work your way up to getting a cock in the ass. Now my tongue was in as far as I could stick it up her hole and Brenda was moaning loudly while she was helping thrust it deep in her ass.
I slid my tongue out and told Carol Lee that it was her turn. I slid my cock into Brenda’s ass and lit it sit there until I had Carol Lee in front of me, standing up straddling Brenda, bent over, and her ass cheeks spread. I saw that Carol lee’s hole was a little pink so it’s was going to be soft and taste good as well. As I started licking around Carol Lee’s ass I slowly slid my cock into Brenda’s ass. Brenda turned back to me and said “Don’t fuck me softly, fuck me hard, and ram your dick deep into my ass”. I began to do as Brenda said and Carol Lee said “This is really turning me on, I love that you are ramming her hard and that she is getting so much pleasure from it. Your great at licking my ass, it feels sooo good. Now I want you to tongue fuck me”. I slowly slid my tongue into Carol lee’s ass, the deeper I got the more she moaned. Brenda was started to scream that she was about to cum and told me not to stop. “Uhhhhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me uhhhhhhhhooooooouuuhhhhh”.
Once I felt Brenda’s ass tighten up I felt my sperm begging to be released into Brenda’s ass. I continued to plug her ass with my cock and tongue fuck Carol Lee and this made me explode. Brenda gasped out “ohhhh yeaaa cum deep in my ass, fuck me fuck me” I released my load into her and tried to continue to fuck her and lick Carol Lee’s ass but it was over stimulated and I had to stop. I slid my dick slowly out of Brenda’s ass and watched the cum squirt out as her hole constricted from the lack of it being filled. Brenda collapsed onto the blanket and stayed there until she could catch her breath. Carol Lee turned around and told me that it was almost as good as getting her pussy licked. We all got up and I grabbed the blanket off the hay. “Let’s go to the motor home ladies” I said. They began to run over naked so I did too. Carol Lee said to Brenda while they were running “my god he is a stud, thank you for letting me in on whet you two have.” She looks back and looks at my cock and looks back or the motor home “Oh my god, his cocks still hard we should take more advantage of this” Brenda shook her head yes and they entered the door. I said as I walked in I said “I want to fuck and suck you girls tomorrow out in the hay” They said “sounds good, another fuck date. But we haven’t finished fucking you today… And that’s another story.

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