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we are having a romantic dinner by the candle light, you join me on the rug down by the fire. We sit and talk embracing each other, knowing our desire for each other. We begin to kiss softly and tenderly. You get up and lead me to the bed room and stop in the middle of the room. Now the night is all about you. I kiss you on your mouth slowly, softly, while I let my hands run over your body. I let my tongue slip in between your lips and let the tip of it play with yours. I start to kiss under your jaw, slowly at first. Then down to your neck were I would bite you lightly. I'd move up to your ear and nibble it gently, and breathe into it slightly so you could hear how much you were turning me on. I'd take off your top, and kiss down your neck until I got to your collar bone. I'd let my hand rest on your waist, and kiss down to your stomach. I move behind your and kiss up your back where I would unhook your bra. Then I would start to massage your breast from behind as I kissed the back of your neck. I've move back around and tease you by licking one of your nipples very, very, lightly. Circling it over and over then giving it a suck and a nibble, I move away, kissing down your stomach again, and then back to your breast. I take your other nipple into my mouth and suck on it, letting my warm tongue move across it. I lay u down on the floor taking an ice cub and forming a trial from the valley between your breasts down to your beautiful pussy. I slip the cube in giving u chills up your spine, as I tantalize your clit with my warm moist tongue causing u to shake. I poke and prod with my figures and tongue a bit, teasing u with what is to come. I dive hard and deep into your moist pussy with my tongue tasting you juices. I stop and roll u over U prop your ass an pussy in the air, offering them to me for some doggy style fun. I tease you a bit with the tip in and out slowly, then a nice thrust all the way in with more teasing to follow. You can?t take it any more and begin to beg for it finely ramming yourself upon me. An unexpected deep penetration. U gasp for breath and moan as I pound away vigorously fast and hard reaching around to knead your supple breasts and nipples. I slow a bit so I can continue fucking u as I lean over to kiss the back of your neck and run my tongue down your spine all the way to your luscious ass. Your body quivers, as u contract around my cock Cumming harder then ever before. As u release my cock from your embrace and roll over, I tit fuck u until I cum upon your face??.

I loosely tie your wrists and ankles to the bed with strips of satin material. I move over you and give u light kisses on your cheek moving around towards your mouth, kissing you passionately and softly. Are mouths start to open and our tongue play. I back away and retrieve a feather from aside the bed. I start at the base of your neck, tickling your upper chest and the valley between your breasts. I tantalize your nipples making them erect with pleasure as I explore further down your body. Me tickling your stomach u giggle but stop suddenly to let out a soft moan, learning that my feather is circling your pussy and tickling your clit. I brush the inside of your thighs and u squirm a bit. I set the feather aside and retrieve some whip cream. I mound your nipples and clit with whip cream. I move over you again and take your left breasts in my hand, giving it a squeeze I lean in and begin to circle your hard nipple with my warm luscious tongue. I dive in sucking hard and giving a nibble as I pull away thus removing all whip cream. I grab the right breast with my right hand and begin to do the same with my tongue as my left hand slides slowly down your side and back up. I pull a ice cube from the ice bucket and place it in my mouth. Your hot and steamy so it melts easy as I touch it between your breasts. I form a water trial form your tits down your stomach slowly. When I reach your hot wet pussy I pop the ice cube in you steamy pussy, shoving it down with my tongue as I dive on the whip cream. I eat all of it up and then start to circle your pussy with my tongue, never probing inside, letting the ice cube melt away. I give little wet kisses down the inside of your left thigh, down your leg then back up the right until I arrive at your clit, were I begin to tease it with my warm tongue. You moan and beg of me to finger you because u can?t take it anymore. I begin to probe with my tongue, licking up your sweet juices. I poke and prod a bit with 1 finger, you can?t take it anymore and try to thrust yourself on my finger but can?t do to the restraints. I give you a little more of my finger, a little deeper now. You?re so hot and wet. I pull them out and let you see my like them. I get on my knees on the bed. I tease your pussy with the head of my cock as I vigorously rub your clit with my thumb. You can?t bear the torment anymore as I tease u over and over with just the tip. Now I give u half, and then a deep hard thrust. Totally unexpected you gasp for air, as I slowly begin to tease you again. Another slam, now over and over again I ram in and out fast and hard. Your moans and scream heard all around as I pound your hot pussy like a jack hammer. As I ram away I lean over to undo your wrist restraints so you can pull and tug at your nipples. As you cum I feel you tighten around my hard cock and I explode inside you and keep pumping till I go soft. I undo your leg ties and collapse next to you.

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Lord God I need sex!!!

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