Feeling GOOOOD!!  

emmapeal 42F
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10/20/2005 10:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Feeling GOOOOD!!

I met up with my FWB from this site yesterday and now i just feel SO good.
It had been over a month since we last met up,(a month without sex !!) So i was really looking forward to it.
As usual he didn't disappoint. It's not just the sex, which is fabulous, it's the way he makes me feel. He makes me feel like I'm special, like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world! He makes me feel sexy, and important.
He really is a special guy, funny, gallant, inteligent and SO gentle and caring with me. I'm known as a chatterbox, i love to talk, and he will listen and talk with me for hours, if i need to. He is such a shoulder of support too, i feel there is nothing i can't tell him.
There are so many Women who knock men and say they only want one thing. Well I just want to say SOME guys are different. This guy is definately one of them.
You know who you are (so does everyone else),can't wait till next time

bobbydazzler69x 46M

10/21/2005 8:04 am

I'm interested Emma, how did you meet your guy? And could you tell from the start that he was going to be a great lover? Did you think you were going to have to teach him? Did you think that he was going to change? Did you think you were going to change? When did you decide that you were going to sleep with him and did you engineer it? A lot of questions i know, but the truth is that when a woman is saying such nice things about a guy, some of the more sincere among us would like to do have a gorgeous woman say the same thing about them. But the whole thing is so mysterious, attraction I mean. I've had lovers who have said great things that their friends later told me about as, out of nowhere, the friend started flirting with me. I've also been with women who have really just used me for sex ( not many guys admit that)and said very dismissive things about me in public about only being good for a shag and nothing else. Your views would illuminate, I'm sure.

emmapeal 42F
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10/22/2005 3:11 am

Well I met him here on AMF firstly, we got on well via e-mail, phone and text so decided to meet. We both said from the start that we wanted a no-strings sexual arrangement, so there was no second guessing of intentions required.
I couldn't know, before the fact, what sort of lover he would be. We were just lucky, i guess, that we gelled so well from the start. I've met plenty of gorgeous men, during my time on the modelling circit, who were CRAP lovers. Some had very muscular physiques and big dicks, but were still useless in bed. Like you, I've been used for sex as well, sucks dosen't it?
I felt compelled to post about my Friend with Benifitts, because I think if you find a good man you should shout about it...so many girls just run men down...
I hope that explained a for things for you, always happy to answer men who don't start with ...GREAT PUSSY..CAN WE HAVE SEX?..OR NICE TITS! Just because i'm pretty doesn't mean i'm only here for looking at, I like intelligent chat too! So thanx for a proper question

bobbydazzler69x 46M

10/23/2005 3:25 pm

And many thanks for your considered reply. You surprise me a little, you and the many highly attractive women who I would have thought could have your pick.You found your lover right here, an on line connection led to a meet, or 4 or 5, and great sex. You could be the poster girl for AdultFriendFinder.
I've now got a few girls on my network and they're networked to thousands of guys and have inboxes bulging like, well big bulgey things. In some ways AdultFriendFinder seems to me to create even more intense competition than the real world. Glad you're feeling so positive, and nice to hear us guys getting a good write up. You're right, being used is shitty. That's why we all take care, even in this risk free way of getting in touch. Thank's again. Respect.

GentlemanLeisure 54M
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10/27/2005 12:13 pm


You have such a great attitude about everything. It's so encouraging to read. It doesn't hurt that your pics are also really tastefully done.

I've met some really fantastic people from here. Ones I'm happy to now count as good friends. It's still quite stigmatic to accept that two people can enjoy such a rewarding connection from a sex dating site. But if that connection goes beyond the basics (lol), then it's a welcome bonus.

Keep enjoying!

spikeryder 49M

10/29/2005 8:05 am

do i know this guy?

emmapeal 42F
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10/29/2005 8:40 am

Thankyou i just say what i feel, i can't stand bitchy back bitting or nr=egative attitudes..life is too short.

emmapeal 42F
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10/29/2005 2:50 pm

spikeryder i think you could say you are well aquainted with him

rm_birdsong3 50M
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11/26/2005 1:17 pm

Hi Emmapeal
Well Im not sure how I stumbled onto this page but glad I did.
My name is morningbirdsong and whilst ive been a memeber for a while I dont often look in. Just wanted to say how attractive you look, painted by nature herself. Im a budding artist and saw you pic and thought mmmmm could be a really good work of art there. Tell me do you like art? Does it move you?


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