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Well, seems like more than one person wanna know the details.... but it's so embarrassing to tell.... but i guess it's safe to talk to mr. blog, as i wanna tell someone about my feelings too....

that pair of panty i was wearing wasn't really a panty. it was a gift from my ex bf, and i've never worn it b4. he begged me for a long time and i still refused. i still won't wear it if i didn't run out of underwear, and prefer to at least wear something instead of going pantiless. it's some strings with a little piece of cloth covering my entrance, that's it. however the skirt was my online friend's idea. it was knee length, but still, wearing a skirt with that panty was somehow a turn on for me.

the minute i got out my door i knew that panty wasn't designed for going out. the tiny piece of cloth simply slide between my lips after a few steps, and by the time i got into my friend's car i was already getting wet. we had dinner with a few other friends and then went to have a drink, with me constantly aware of my tiny panty between my legs.

as i told my online friend, when we go to the pub most of the time i will get a little moist, nothing sexual, but coz of the alcohol and some body touching. natural reaction. that nite, it was worse. i had a few drinks, as usual, and i had a guy friend sit beside me. normally it will be nothing, but that nite, knowing what i was wearing under my skirt, for some odd reason i was totally turned on. that little moisture normally would have happened turned into a serious flood. i didn't know how bad it was until i got home. the tiny panty was soaked, sticky with creamy white juice. and worst thing is, i prayed to god that no one noticed the spot on my skirt....

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9/7/2006 6:17 pm're becoming my favourite blog to read. VERY sexy.

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Alright - you managed to get me salivating with that....did a bell just go off???

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