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8/17/2006 3:14 pm

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Last nite...

last nite on AdultFriendFinder i met a girl. in the dungeon room. do't get me wrong, i was just browsing there and see what it was about. she's such a nice girl and we ended up chatting on msn. and we decided to go out for the nite (seperately, in our own city). we picked our outfits, which r tank tops and mini skirts and heels. but then she told me to skip bra. i tried it, and my nipples just never went soft. the top was pretty tight and my nipples were very visible, but she said she has tried it b4 and it should be fine. honestly i was a little scared going out like that, but i was convinced. it was very weird coz i was kinda turned on, and i dunno if it's her or if it's the way i dress. but i went out, thinking to myself that if things go wrong i'll run.... she also wanted every "naughty" details, so i'll try my best....

arrived at a local pub, not too many people. sat at the bar as i normally do, and the bartender can keep his eyes off my breasts. i felt so uneasy, and yet i was getting quite wet down there. not much activities going on, so i almost called it a nite. just as i was about to leave, a very young guy approached me. i noticed his group but they were quite young (definitely 19 or above coz they were drinking beer and i know this pub checks ids) that's why i didn't pay much attention. he invited me to play pool, and i said i didn't know how to play. he said he'll teach me. not the best pick up line, but whatever. so we went to the pool table, and he did teach me how to play... in his own way.

first this game involves a lot of bending down. and when he taught me the position, he pressed his hip hard on my behind. that's definitely not necessary and i know that, but i felt his tool very hard against my butt. also he was holding my waist guiding me. so we played the first game with him touching all over my body, and once in a while i'll press my hip back to meet his, or even rub it a little to heat things up. the second game he said he'll let me play without his guide, to see what i've picked up and what needs to be improved. i was kinda surprised but soon i know why. as i played, his friends from the table can see us clearly, and as i bend down my midthigh skirt kinda moved up a little. i'm not too sure what they can see, but i felt kinda weird. with a short skirt i've always been careful, but playing pool i can't really be careful enough. besides i'll look very stupid if i make this a big deal. so i tried to finish the game faster, but of course he has the control. when it's my turn the ball always end up at the far side, and i'll have to hit with my back turned against his friends. the game took forever and by the time it's done oddly enough i felt very very wet between my legs. then he said he wanted to show me some cool tricks. he sat on the side of the table, pulled his cue stick up until it's almost vertical, and hit downwards and the ball curves around one and hits another. i've seen that b4 but i still pretended to be amazed by it. he said he'll teach me. so he sat me on the table, my left leg standing and right thigh kinda on the side of the table. first this spreaded my legs. then he raised my right hand to hold the vertical stick and put my left hand on the table to hold the stick. then he sat behind me, held my waist, and told me to raise the stick and prepare to hit the ball. so i did. then he slipped his right hand under my top, moved up and cupped my right breast. i was totally shocked. he then kissed my neck, and b4 i can react he whispered in my ear, asking if i like skipping bra. my face turned very red and i can feel it. i knew if this continues it won't be good, and don't wanna stay too long coz i think next thing is he's gonna take me home and at this stage it will be hard to reject. so i moved away and told him i have to go. the look on his face is full of disappointment, and this part is still the best part of the nite. i kissed him on the check and walked away. he did offer a ride but i said no.

have to say, he's inexperienced when picking up girls, but he's definitely got the guts.

smackyman 45M
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8/19/2006 7:36 pm

You've done pretty well with the description. That's for sure. I'm going to assume that when you got home you had a chance to play?
BTW - since I know what you like with the disappointment - let me just say that if I had been that guy, I would have been just as disappointed as he was...

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