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8/7/2006 7:55 am

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9/9/2006 10:32 am

First time

i was introduced to blogs a while ago, and after a serious thought i think i'll use it to post some of my thoughts that i cannot discuss openly.

i'm a 28 year old high school teacher. that's one side of me. the other side... well, i like to tease guys. the look on their face when they wanted me is classic. the better part, however, is when i reject them, or when i refuse to have sex with them. that disappointed look, i have to say, is even better. and the best part is that there's nothing they can do to change the situation. nothing. except simply accept the fact that they wasted a nite at the pub trying to get me to their place but at the end got a big "NO".

tonite i'll go to the pub again. i'll post more afterwards.

thanks very much. i feel much better "talking" this out and getting it out of my system. i felt so much better now

HappyCouple5248 67M/64F

8/7/2006 10:43 am

Have all the fun you want outside of the classroom, be careful with your students. Just look at what's happening around the country with female teachers seducing students. They always end up in court.

Also, just teasing guys works with "nice" guys. If you run into someone who won't take your "no" for an answer, you may end up having your body dumped in a vacant lot somewhere.

That could be a more dangerous game than you realize.

CyrusOctothorpe 39M/35F

8/7/2006 11:10 am

I think playing the game of seduction with the intention of rejecting someone just to enjoy their disappointed reaction is mean. You should have gotten that out of your system as a teenager.
You are wasting the poor guy's time just for your own kicks.
I think its ok to get arrousal from teasing and playing hard to get, I even think that it heightens the sexual energy of the moment when you finally give in to desire. But if your intention is to only tease and never give the guy anything for his efforts, well then you are just using your pussy powers for evil.

If as you say you need to get this out of your system, I'm sure you can find some mature consenting adults on here that are good at role-playing and like to be teased.

Please as the other comment says be careful, this could be a very dangerous game, even with the 'nice' guys. For a seasoned player its not hard to play the nice guy when they see you giving them the signals that would typically result in getting the prize they seek. When they don't get the prize, you may see a not so nice side. Don't think you can judge strangers, because no one can, believe me a female friend of mine who liked to tease guys she thought were harmless ended up getting !

To me it also sounds like you may enjoy a submissive man as well, so look for one on here, I'm sure you can find what you need without having to resort to what you're doing with unsuspecting guys in a pub.

69videocouple 38M/38F

9/8/2006 9:02 am

We would like to get to know you better. . Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!

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