Dragonflies and Blue Gills  

elusiveact 60F
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8/3/2005 10:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Dragonflies and Blue Gills

When I would go where I went alot
I never knew what I would spot
There was magic there.
It was in the air and in the sand
Many times it was on my hand.
I'd float on the water
And as the day would grow hotter,
the Sonora and I became one.

The Sonora carries with it a mystical life full of spiritual integrity. Its honesty always blatant and reliable, can contrast so sharply with certain events that you would have to be blind not to see them. These simple miracles don't always have to carry deep thought provoking messages but many times are subtle and playful, life becoming a joyful dance.

The Sonora and I became intimate. I lived next to a canal that I spent alot of time in. I would take my clothes off so that first plunge, that first dive into the water when it was 120 degrees brought immediate relief to my whole body. I would lean back against the current and let the water support me, rocking me gently up and down to a rythym that was hypnotic.
I wouldn't think.. I would just be. Dragonflies would lite on me and Blue Gills would nip at my legs. The breeze would make wave patterns that danced around me. I wasn't in the water...no need to fight it.. I was the water. I allowed it to take me..we were in rythym without conscious thought.. I moved to its force..diving in and out, rolling and playing... and feeling it caress me. The sun... the heat beat down, motivating me to dive over and over again....

rm_fireriver 49M
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8/28/2005 5:27 pm

Dreamy writing...your mind is a vision. I enjoy the sight of what is in your head, and look forward to the moment our times entwine and grind to a halt, eye-to-eye. I would share your bed-in-air...may I dare?

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