originally titled, "i love you"  

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9/8/2005 3:53 pm

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originally titled, "i love you"

(I wrote this in 2002 for a man I was in lust/love with...hope you enjoy {see, i told you i'd post erotica eventually })

kisses rain down
upon your face
upon your neck
teeth nibbling their way
to that sweet spot
just below your ear
feel my warm breath
tickling your ear
as i whisper, "i love you"
my hair, almost black,
brushes your chest lightly
as i move to taste you there
licking and suckling
at your nipples
they strain hard against
my soft tongue
gentle little kisses
cover your tummy as
i move further down that
sweet flesh of yours
i can feel you quiver
beneath my lips
you even smell delicious
i let my hair sweep across
your flesh, you shiver
in the candlelight that
fills our secret hideaway
i get up to look at you
so beautiful to me
i work my way back up
from the tops of your feet
to your calves on up
to your supple thighs
as my kisses get closer
and closer to my goal
your breathing quickens
and makes me want you more
slowly spreading your thighs
apart to coat you with more
kisses, i feel you tremble
knowing how much i love you
tentatively i cup your sac
in my hand, slowly caressing
with my smooth fingers
your breath escapes in a gasp
when i circle you with my tongue
running down the length of you
to the base and beyond
gently lapping at your flesh
making you groan as
you never have before
running my tongue back up
the length of you
making you my own personal
popsicle of love
tickling the sensitive spot
beneath the head
i take you in all the way
to the base of you
let you fill me with your love
sucking softly i pull up
and tenderly let go of you
only to impale myself again
slowly i taunt you
deliberately swirling my tongue
around you, pushing it
against you, flicking it
at the tip of you
until you are moaning
and begging me to go faster
harder, deeper, you ask me
and i cater to your every
command and desire
i love you the way you
want to be loved,
need to be loved...
you thrust your hips up
at me, trying to fill more of me
revelling in the taste of you
the sweet salty sex taste
i pull on you harder,
lips firmly fastened,
you beg me to slow down
you don't want to spill
too quickly, too fast
i take my time even though
i'm impatient
you feel my tongue swirling
again and again around
the head, making you dizzy
you call out to me,
"what are you doing?"
"are you ready for me?"
i'm ready, but more so
i am eager for you
with a groan your hips
thrust upwards as your
sweet essence fills my mouth
i swallow every last bit
lapping at you for just
one more drop
one more taste
kissing the tip, i climb
up over you
thrusting my tongue into
your mouth, letting
you taste the divine juice
that you have given me
i feel your arms clasp
me tightly, and after
kissing you repeatedly
i cuddle up within your arms
and whisper again and again
"i love you..."

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