a rebuttal...  

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9/7/2005 3:20 pm

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a rebuttal...

this is actually a rebuttal to my own previous post, the first one...

I thought about it some more, and I wasn't pickier when I was younger. I remembered quite distinctly fucking a guy that I wasn't attracted to physically, but still wanted. He had me orgasming as soon as he entered me (damn, wish I could find him now! lol). But to look at him? Yeesh!! There were others who were "less than perfect", but I remember wanting them all. So, I wasn't pickier.

I think the distinction comes from the fact that I am a sucker for a man who knows what he wants, that being me. I tend to walk around w/a look on my face that says, "don't even bother talking to me b/c I WILL tell you to fuck off"...well, when it comes to men, I do. But, the ballsy ones who don't care about my "fuck off" look always get me. And it doesn't even matter what they look like, or how they dress, or any of that other bullshit. It's always the aggressive ones that make me melt.

So, there ya have it. And I thought about it, and it was only the more aggressive ones that got me to go to bed w/them (from AdultFriendFinder, that is). The key is found...now watch me get a bunch of assinine messages from guys who think they can be aggressive. LOL...oy...ttfn!

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