Men on Size, and Women on Size (or lack thereof)  

elfnamedtim 50M
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12/6/2005 3:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Men on Size, and Women on Size (or lack thereof)

So folks,

The quandary of the day is...Why are Men obsessed with Size, and women addicted to the notion that small is hot?

Allow me to elaborate. When a Huge Man (I mean Physical Size folks, not bulge volume) walks in a room, the men will all turn around, gape and go "DAYUM - that dude's huge!!!". Most of the women with whom I come in contact don't seem too impressed by large men (AGAIN, I am referring to overall size, not the size of the 'package'). men work out, bloat up, get hugely muscular to attract women??? Or is it something infinitely more visceral?

Before we head down a homophobic path, let me present a hypothesis I think is apropos. Men treasure size for a competitive reason. They do not find overall size an attractive feature to WOMEN as much as they see it as an intimidation factor towards OTHER MEN!!! Therefore, when a huge man walks into a room, arms spread out due to the overdeveloped lats for which he just spent hours on the Lat Pullup machine, he is basically saying to the other men in the room..."BUZZ OFF PENCIL NECKS!!! I am the Alpha Male, Supreme Hunter and the women in this club are MINE". Although the women in the room may not find Superlarge, superdefined musculature attractive, the combined elements of intimidated men's skulking and said Goliath's testosterone driven confidence create a potent mix of factors that lead the women to look at the just entered Conan. men work out to huge proportion to appeal to WOMEN, or to intimidate other men? I realize the world is not painted in Black or white, but rather in shades of grey, so enlighten me Kemosabes. Tell me what you guys and gals think...Inquiring Minds want to know (Well ONE does anyways).

Now..Women...WHY do women think that small is "HOT"? I realize this is a personal thing, and despite all the media's portrayal of Quasi-anorexic stick figures as the epitome of femininity, I will stick to my guns and say MOST MEN (yes that qualifies as 95% of ALL MEN) prefer a woman with FLESH on her. Tits and ASS, and LEGS they can nibble...YES!!! No size 0's, 2's etc..unless they have something to Grab folks...Sooo..why do women look at a size 0 woman and go all envious on them? Would it be because fashion designers make the 'coolest' clothes for Standing Hangers? Is it because a 'smaller' lady can be twirled on your cock, and you can carry her and bounce her around etc? (ok ok ok - there ARE advantages to small sizes). But seriously folks, WHY the whole "Gotta be Small" attitude. Now, I'm not advocating the habitual binge eating that has caused our nation to have the highest Obesity levels in the world. But, I still think that this whole Hollywood Gotta be Thin Thing needs to STOP!!! Let's hear it for REAL WOMEN!!! Let's uphold REAL WOMEN as paragons of sensuality and lust!!!

So...Who's Self Image issues are worse?

Men wanting to be Bigger?
Women Wanting to be Smaller?

Which is More Misguided?

Now that I've vented, I'm gonna go eat those hotdogs I got at a corner stand and go do some Tai Chi (lol).

Take Care Folks,

PrincessKarma 43F
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12/7/2005 5:07 am

Well... I'm a big girl, and I like my men on the scrawnier side. Then again, I do like to swim against the current.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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