the day job  

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6/2/2006 1:04 pm

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the day job

It was another Tuesday afternoon and no doubt the same faces would be in. It was always the same half a dozen that came in. Even they were beginning to look bored.

One of the other girls told her that they would be able to take it easy as the boss had been called away and would be out all afternoon. It was her turn to go on, she was doing the virgin bride routine to Madonna's "like a virgin". As she stepped out on to the stage she looked about and yes it was the same old faces.

She started her strip, dancing about the stage unzipping the very short white wedding dress, down to her white stockings and suspenders, white bra comming off. She looked at the audience, like most strip clubs there was no audience participation, touching was strictly off limits, but that was when the boss was in and today he wasn't, so today she was going to make sure they enjoyed the show.

She stepped of the stage and moved into the small crowd. She went over to the business type guy that always came in on a Tuesday, she stood in front of him asked him if he liked what he saw and would he like to touch her, he looked flustered so she got hold of his hand and put it to her tits she asked him to squeeze them, her nipples getting hard. She left him and walked over to another regular, she asked him if he would like to see her pussy and would he like to touch it , she could see he was nervous so she turned around and started pulling her thong down very slowly bending over as she did so that he could get a good view, well she said do you like it, would you like to touch it, even lick it. She turned round and got hold of his hand she put it on her thigh and stepped closer, he started to move his hand up towards her pussy lips, she could feel herself getting horny and she pushed herself closer and opened her legs wider, she felt his fingers touching her clit, starting to rub it, he pushed a finger up into her, moving it up and down, she was getting very wet now, and she saw that he was getting hard. She moved away and asked him to stand, he stood up his hardness showing through his jeans, she undid his jeans and released his cock, she moved closer and bent over so that she could take it in her mouth. She heard him moaning and knew she would have to go slowly or else he would cum straight away. She felt something at the back of her and then she felt something touching her pussy, she had a quick look behind her and saw that it was the business man who had his very large cock out, he was feeling her pussy rubbing it so that the wetness was all over her lips, she felt herself pushing her bottom towards him, forgetting to go slowly with the cock in her mouth, she was sucking it all the way to the bottom taking in the whole length, and then pulling back so the tip was only just in. She was waiting for the cock behind her to push into her, she could feel it nudging and then he pushed it all the way in, she gasped and as she did the cock in her mouth started to squirt all over her face, she could see him move away and was going to enjoy the cock that was ramming into her pussy when another cock appeared in front of her, she eagerly took it in to her mouth, she did not have to work too hard with this one as he was doing it all for her, fucking her mouth, hard. She felt herself losing control she was pushing in time trying to get the cock deeper into her pussy, she heard the business man moan and then he pulled out and she felt warm cum on her back, she turned her attention to the cock in her mouth which she was sure must be ready to cum and after a few seconds she could feel hot fluid shooting at the back of her throat, he pulled out and she stood up. She looked around the room, there were still three regulars to go!!

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