It may be a shoe thing  

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5/13/2006 2:00 am

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It may be a shoe thing

It has been brought to my attention that i have a shoe thing. Some people call it a fetish, I never really thought about it as that just that shoes can make a sexy woman even more sexy, especially if they have good legs. So how is it that shoes have become practically a sex aid in some peoples eyes, what is the significance of it, after all it is only in recent years that you have been able to see a womans legs.

Well let me start by saying that there is approx 68.3 million foot fetish people in the world, we can take some away from that figure as it may be like me, it is the shoes not the feet that I like so take 40 million off that still leaves us with 28.3 million, wow I feel I am not alone now.

Here is someone elese point of view.

As to sex appeal, in the UK long points are thought to be sexier than short points for a number of reasons; this is because they are:- phallic and thus sexual fantasy thought inducing; aggressive, dangerous and threatening; good for probing and teasing under the dining table; worrying; confidence building; good for kicking in self defence and thus edgy. In short they are everything that the stiletto heel is and they make a more aesthetically balanced 'partner' to it.

Unless of course one sees stiletto heels as instruments of hobbling and bondage that increase a woman's vulnerability; then of course the long point would not fit that vision! But I, and I believe most of the people in the UK, tend to view stiletto heels as "attractive but dangerous", -"the tigress's claws" as it were. It was not for nothing that back in the 80's the newly ambitious women working in the UK stock market (The City) were called "Spike Heeled Power Bitches"!

Well all I will say is thank goodness for the well turned heel!!!

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