Fantasy: How I would run my detective agency! Part III (Angel's rescue with happy ending)  

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8/8/2006 1:56 pm

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Fantasy: How I would run my detective agency! Part III (Angel's rescue with happy ending)

Previously on ELECTRIC'S ANGELS:
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Scene 3: inside AngelofMercy5's extensive compound

* Electric's angels, Wants2Cyber, [blog SusieQ27] and longleggedkitty, burst into angelofmercy5's bedroom. They are shocked at what they find there. *

[blog SusieQ27]: It's worse than I thought!

Wants2Cyber: Good grief! Look at all the body parts! Arms, legs, torsos, abs, genitalia, glands. It looks like a mannequin factory exploded here!

longleggedkitty: And all the body fluids. The crime lab will have lots of overtime with this mess!

* Just then the pile of bodies comes to life. Out of the core of it all pops AngelofMercy5. *

angelofmercy5: Hey ladies! What do you mean "crime lab"?

longleggedkitty: Angel! So glad we found you. Don't worry, we stormed in here to make sure you were alright and to rescue you. Looks like we got here just in time to defeat this angry mob!

angelofmercy5: NO! I'm fine. This is just my mid-afternoon orgy! Happens everyday after tidying up my blog. By the way, welcome to my little love shack. Care to hop in? I've got the cameras rolling in there somewhere.

Wants2Cyber: No thanks. I'm not into "capturing the moment". It says so in my profile!

* Then W2C veers over to a window *

angelofmercy5: Well then what are you all doing here?

[blog SusieQ27]: Why, ElectricCompany sent us here to find out what the problem was with your electrical power. He suspects foul play!

angelofmercy5: Wait up now, SusieQ. There's no problem here! Last week, what I said in my blog was something like, "I've got some sort of cold that has tapped my energy." Love that ElectricCompany, but ever since his speed reading course, he hasn't been able to get the gist of people's blogs. Check this one out A BIT NEW AT THIS BLOGGING THING ! I just wish he would slow down and get the details right!

[blog SusieQ27]: I know what you mean Angel! Yet there are times that he is simply hilarious and very creative, like in If your Vagina could talk what would it say? and Tickle my fancy / Gina makes a friend .

longleggedkitty: Frequently, though, he's just a self-promoting blog pimp!

angelofmercy5: AGREED!

[blog SusieQ27]: Yes, indeed.

* Wants2Cyber hasn't been paying attention to any of this. For some time now she has been glancing out the back window and leering at the Cabana Men. *

Wants2Cyber: As long as we're here, Angel, do you think maybe we could...

angelofmercy5 interrupts and turns to the angels with a mock scowl: A little while ago I thought I heard some sort of antics going on at the back of my property. You know, where the power comes in? So I peered out the back window at just the right time to see what must have been seventy some-odd male squirrels dropping one-hundred forty some-even acorns on my pool/patio area. NOW, WHO do you think might have been the resposible party -- or should I say party of three??

longleggedkitty nervous at AngelofMercy5's tone: Uh. Disturbance? Did you hear any such thing out that way, Wants2?

* Wants2Cyber remains silent and is now making a pig nosed face pressed up against the glass as drool runs down the window casing. *

[blog SusieQ27] moves into a position behind Kitty and exageratedly points at Kitty behind her back: Why yes, I too have no idear of whom you might be speaking!

angelofmercy5 instantly switches to a smile and a generous mood: I'm willing to call it all even if you ladies make a bee-line for the pool and help my Cabana Men get those nuts off!

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8/8/2006 3:06 pm

your fantacy is real in your mind ,takes alot of thinking but you know the scary part can make you dig deeper into the ocean..if there is adeep end...ha..

electriccompany 52M

8/9/2006 6:14 am

ILKy says:
... if there is adeep end...
HA! LOL!! No deep end here. Just out for some crude, easy guffaws! But isn't it entertaining? Thanks for stopping by ILK.

Huny-kinz sez:
I'm self educated.I spell my words that way on wouldn't be my blog if I did it any other would it?
True! Nothing wrong with self-education and being real! Thanks for letting me have some fun with you on your blog, though. I look forward to doing it again. (Just for fun sometime, MzHuny, try writing "Ah'm seff-edjammacated".) Keep an eye peeled for the Epilogue to this lil fantasy ... Cumming soon to a blog near you!

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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8/14/2006 5:38 am

\oo, I would NEVER dob Kitty in, like that! NaughtyI'm a 20th Century Mata Hari..not a like this ongoing blog though. When's the epilogue due, lover?

I hope we at least get to kiss some handsome hunks, perhaps the baddies, who we have managed to overcome, tie up and molest, a little.

I do feel a little as if I've been stabbed in the back, from the front you ever been there?

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

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