Fantasy: How I would run my detective agency! Part II (the plot gets thick!)  

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8/3/2006 4:51 pm

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Fantasy: How I would run my detective agency! Part II (the plot gets thick!)

Previously on ***ELECTRIC'S ANGELS***
(to see, click here Fantasy: How I would run my detective agency!)

Scene 2: On the perimeter of AngelofeMercy5 AngelofMercy5's expansive compound

* Electric's ecclectic angels, wants2cyber Wants2Cyber, SusieQ27 [blog SusieQ27] and longleggedkitty longleggedkitty, are skulking around the area where electrical service enters the property *

[blog SusieQ27]: Kitty, how's the inspection of the power lines proceding? Anything out of the ordinary?

longleggedkitty: Nothing yet! But there is one more thing I wanted to check out. Help me set up this trampoline at the base of this power pole!

* The angels set up the trampoline at the base of a power pole and align it to the exacting specifications of Kitty *

longleggedkitty: Okay. Now oil me up!

* At this point all three angels stop and do a slow hard lingering turn and stare at the author of all this filth. The author quickly puts his pants back on! The author informs the angels that if they can just get through this objectifying portion that is SHOW BUSINESS then we can all get back to some amazing feats and good, old-fashioned, retro parody fun. *

* Since pleading didn't work, the author takes the cast out to a nearby dance club to get them drunk so they will just do whatever he says. From what he can tell from the porn sites and grlz-went-kr8zy videos, that always works! Right? *

* LATER THE NEXT DAY: The author wakes up on the sidewalk outside Club ShowEm-If-U-GottEm with the worst headache of his life, in a pool of his own horked-up uzo and cocktail weiners, puts his pants back on and gets back to the thick plot. *

* Since pleading and alcohol didn't work, the author just says "Go for broke!" to himself and decides to go forward with a minimized-details version of the oiling-up and uses body doubles. *

* Note to self about artistic differences: Like they've begged us guys to do a hundred-thousand times, CHECK THEIR PROFILES BEFORE WRITING ANYTHING FOR THEM!! *


* Wants2Direct and SuzeeRR smear baby oil all over MediumTorsoCalico. After hitting all the good spots they each deliver a firm slap on each butt cheek to Calico *


* A glistening LongLeggedKitty takes a long Olypic-effort sprint toward the trampoline. Hitting it full-force she bounds up into the air, spins into multiple somersaults and twists, leaving spirals of excess baby oil droplets glistenning in the sun. At the very apex of her acrobatic arc, she grasps the tension wire that supports the power pole with both hands. *

Wants2Cyber shouts up to Kitty: Is that line energized?!?!

longleggedkitty shouts down: NO! It's just a tension wire for support!!

[blog SusieQ27] and Wants2Cyber nod confidently.

* LongLeggedKitty hanging 25 feet off the ground pulls her whole body into an upside-down position and seems to effortlessly grasp the 1-inch diameter cable with her ankles 31 feet above the ground! *

[blog SusieQ27] and Wants2Cyber green with envy: DAAAAAAAAMN!

* 74 male squirrels, watching this from nearby trees, simultaneously... DROP THIER NUTS! *

* Kitty then kicks her left leg out and throws a right ridgehand that induces a spiral motion to begin decending the tension wire as she inspects every inch of it's condition. At the very bottom, LongLeggedKitty finds what she feared the most! *

[blog SusieQ27] and Wants2Cyber: Where did you learn to do that?

longleggedkitty: Just a little trick I picked up from some friends who work for Cirque du Soleil! But Angels, look at this. See the way the tension wire terminates?

Wants2Cyber: Why, yes. But it all looks normal to me. It's properly anchored in an eye-bolt secured into the ground with what I estimate is at least a 1.27 cubic meters cylinder of grade-2 cement. The cable itself comes down through the eye-bolt and the cable's pig-tail is secured to the tension side of the cable with three U-bolt clamps with the tightened nuts, torqued to 38.7 Newton/meters, and turned to the tension side. Looks in order to me!

[blog SusieQ27]: Why yes. The aluminium/manganese alloy galvanized cable has no visible kinks, splices or other visible damage. What do you see, Kitty?

longleggedkitty: Look closer... where the cable's pig-tail terminates.

* Susie bends down to examine *

[blog SusieQ27]: You're right!... This cable has been CUT!!

* The 3 angels take turns looking at one another with horified expressions *

[blog SusieQ27] looks toward Kitty: Good thing we had an expert along with us!

* Wants2Cyber makes a bee line to the thick green vegetation surrounding and concealing the property's perimeter. Susie and Kitty follow. As Wants2 parts a dense brush of branches, stems and leaves the trio sees angelofmercy5's pool area. Their jaws all simultaneously drop! There are three astonishing, Adonis-like, ripped, ab-tastic cabana boys wearing speedos and tending to angelofmercy5's pool. (Well, not cabana boys! These are clearly cabana MEN. When any one of them pivots to his right over a body of water, he is required by maritime law to shout, "MAST GOING TO STARBOARD!" Got the picture? OK. ) *

Wants2Cyber whispers: Ladies! We have GOT to get into that compound!

[blog SusieQ27]: To help angelofmercy5 ?

Wants2Cyber: (long pause) OH! The mission. Our investigation.. right.

* Wants2Cyber, [blog SusieQ27] and longleggedkitty part the foliage again and do a double take. I mean a loooong look! *

longleggedkitty: Forgot my binoculars. %*&(* it!

rm_SusieQ27 46F
2093 posts
8/4/2006 4:57 am

"Get the picture?" you think we're flippin stupid...or summat? On second thoughts, don't answer that.
Loved , just LOVED, you reference to 'masts' and movement, hun.
Been watching Pirates if the Caribbean again, have you?
By the way, 'you lot' not only spell English words wrongly, you also pronounce them wrongly..Caribbean, for instance. Go on...enunciate..What did I tell you? You place the emphasis on entirely the wrong syllable? is it not so?

By the way...I love your blog, just a little miffed that you didn't tell me about it..meanie!

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

P.S. If there are ANY typos in this comment, I really don't care. <<< that's me, licking my tongue out at you: NOT adhering to your casting couch(as in the blog)

electriccompany 52M

8/4/2006 8:46 am

Superiority Susie Slanders:
By the way...I love your blog, just a little miffed that you didn't tell me about it..meanie!

* Mr. Electric Hyde replies *

Please allow my barrister and myself to introduce... myself. I am ElectricCompany, the one whom did inDEED inform you of this blog immediately after my first post by posting upon YOUR BLOG here at Third time.... Now, maybe you just didn't understand because I wasn't wearing my bowler hat, eating fish'n'chips out of a basket like a toothy git whilst driving my oil-leaking Land Rover or Vauxhall straightaway down the left-hand side of the road! But I assure you inDEED, MiffyQ27, I did inform you of my new blog by posting to yours!

Now that all is squared up, take your "meanies" and your "miffies" back and let us get through the tough production schedule. (Yes, I was saying SHHHHHHHHHEDD-jewel as I typed it out!)

* Now Dr. Electric Jekyll replies *

Thank you, love. Such a dearie you are. I'll bet Gran really enjoys Sunday tea when you pop 'round with crumpets and biscuits in tow!

Your reading of your part in this play has beeeen smashing, truly, truly smashing it has! Test groups viewing it survey out that if they never saw your profile, they would swear by your accent that you were borne and raised in Hollywood, California. Great dialogue, Susie!


rm_SusieQ27 46F
2093 posts
8/6/2006 5:18 pm

Oh, I very nearly forgot I was a lady and swore at you then. "Firstly, I never noticed that damnable link," (speaking to his honour the judge, right now...right over your head, of course.}

"A lady needs to be left to stew in her own juices sometimes, you know..Mr. EC !!!"( says Susie, indignantly, looking imploringly at his Honour..and I DON'T mean you!!! )..."To retire to some quiet corner and lick her wounds ALL better. Preferably with the help of a loving partner, who I duly found, no need to worry about me now, hun. I'm ALL mended again."

I think I quite like being called "Miffy". In fact, if I have to take another handle, when I get expelled, I may chose that one, "by your leave, kind sir."

Just one more're rather remiss yourself, baby. I was expecting the third installment of 'our' series....and what do I find? Nada, zilch..the nothingness...get on with lazy American.

Why can't I be left my own delicious English accent? They do let us into "your" country still..and unless you're a full-bloodied American Indian, that in itself is a contradiction in terms, "Is it not, Your Honour?" Who, by the way, IS a full-bloodied native American Indian, so he's on my side.

His Honour acquiesses, with a nod of an almost regal head and court is adjourned. All charges are dropped, against the accused, namely one SusieQ27 and there is raucous partying in the streets, in celebration of such.

Just get a move on...FGS!!!

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

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