What Are We Celebrating, The 4th?  

electricbob3 61M
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7/4/2006 10:51 pm
What Are We Celebrating, The 4th?

I drove by the gas station on Walnut today and the sign read, $2.95 per gallon, here in the Midwest, the land of plenty, the land of opportunity. I see on the news that both the West Coast and the East Coast pay up to a dollar more a gallon than we do, what the fuck is going on here?
My neighbors spent $1,000.00 bucks that they both worked hard for, he as a steel worker, she as a factory assembly person, on a bag of fireworks that went up in noise, light, and smoke in less than 10 minutes. What the fuck is going on here?
My sense of values are slowly be eroded by all of
these prices jumping 20 and 30, even 50 percent in what amounts to over-night, and I'm at a lost as to how I can look at myself in the mirror if I continue to pass these increases on to my customers!! When is enough, enough? How many more billions of dollars do oil companies have to make before we decide to get off of our over-
priced and under-crafted chairs to do something about it? And it's not just the oil companies, it's the whole world of consumers-gone-mad-make-as-much-money-as-you-can-spend-and-don't-save-a-penny-while-the-environment-goes-to-hell-and-great
Yet, the Parade in our town went off as if nothing has changed today and cost me an hour's pay and the baby I thought should of been crowned Parade Day Baby didn't even make the top 10 because his parents were just some poor white trash living in a mobile home park out of town, even though they have 4 of the best mannered and beautiful children any parent would of killed for.
I've installed a homeless man named Jamie in my shop-warehouse as my night-watchman. As if we need one in Cameron Missouri, with a total of 6 crimes last year, all solved with-in minutes of the kids committing them. But he was living in the woods behind my shop, the cops were starting to hassle him ( they don't have anything else to do of course)and I couldn't understand why a man
as sharp as him wouldn't or couldn't do better. So I ask if he'd stay in my shop at night, I put a twin bed in there, stocked the fridge with soda, water, orange juice, and beer, bought 2 more fans because the AC is limited, and the cops stopped their shit and just go by now to see
if there's anything he's seen that they need to know about. What the fuck is going on here? Last week they were threatening to jail him for sleeping in the woods, now they're his Posse!!!
If I'm celebrating America's freedom, then why is it that me, along with EVERY damn one in this country is still chained to OIL, WAR, BIG-GOVERNMENT, & THE DESTRUCTION OF MOTHER EARTH????
I'm just not in much of a celebrating mood today, so I might wait until the 5th, or 8th, or even September 1st before I think I feel free again.

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