What A Fine Day For Playing Golf  

electricbob3 61M
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7/7/2006 12:54 am
What A Fine Day For Playing Golf

I was planning on doing some work around the house today because I'd taken pretty much the whole week off from work and business related matters. But as I sat outside by the pool drinking coffee and reading the Post Dispatch my phone rang and it was a friend that I hadn't seen for almost 12 years, maybe more. He and two others, brother-in-laws as it turned out, was at the local course and couldn't get a decent TEE time unless they were a Foursome. So, I was asked to be that fourth man and I jumped at the chance cause I hadn't played since......a hell of a long time. Now I was fairly rusty but after the first green I had most of my 'touch' back.
Now, for those people who don't have any clue about golf, or how expensive the game is there's a fundamental premise that all players will cheat. When you partner up for a round you have to have a partner who knows when and where to erase, or omit a stroke or two for each of the 18 holes played. Cheating on your stroke counts is a well practiced and always expected habit. I
readily found out that the two brother-in-laws had no intention of omitting strokes or using any other form of cheatin' and actually had the nerve and ill-mannerliness to point out my usual
methods each time I deployed one.
Oh well at least I was able to get away from the house and managed to get some exercise. It was all that I could endure as far as work-outs and the such. I've lost a total or 28 pounds since March, doing the only prov en method of appetite control found over the counter that hasn't been banned or criminalized. Mini-Thins, which have
assisted me in cutting out physical exercise almost completely don't do as well as the old speed did but as I said, I've done fairly well with them as is.
Taking a personal inventory of the day's value I feel as if it was a fiasco and that some one should ban the two non-cheatin'-non-playin' ass-hole brother-in-laws who turned out to be the sole reason I shot an ugly 97 and find myself contemplating quitting golf altogether in hopes of avoiding the embarrassment that score brings to the 19th hole. Hell, grandma's in their 80's
were cheatin' well enough to score 80-83 on the day which is a decent stroke total on the par 76
course. So, the work around the house still needs
done and as a newly committed non-golfing hermit
it shouldn't take long to do.

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