Two Hangmen  

electricbob3 61M
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3/27/2006 12:40 am
Two Hangmen

I wonder how many of you fine Bloggers remember
the old Mason Prophet song called Two Hangmen? I ask because it struck me that society has seemed
to accept deceit, propaganda, and infringement upon our rights with an indifference that could never pen a rebels cry as in Hangmen. Has our
materialistic rewards and accomplishments left us
barren of social conscious and responsibility? I
use to drive a VW Micobus then, but can drive a
BMW now. Does the luxury and status symbol we've
achieved deadened our morals and righteousness as
a generation who demanded accountability and change? Hmmmmm, have we become, the Man? The System? The Suits? Lennon sang in Gimme Some Truth that 'no short-haired-yellow-bellied-son-of-Tricky-Dicky's-gonna soft-soap-muther-hubbard-me for just a pocket full of dope, money for rope! So where's todays' voice of reason, todays'
great emancipator, or gurus against boo boos?
For those of you who have never had the pleasure of hearing Two Hangmen, a town hired one hangmen to hang their regular hangmen because he had started questioning the death penalty, injustice, and spoke the truth to little children
to where the towns' sheriff stated, ' He'd shut
Freak's mouth if it took him all day long"!! So now, as they chip more and more of our rights away each day, under the guise of Homeland Security and Patriotism, (remember patriotism, communism, fascism, and nationalism are ALL isms!)
where's our Hangman to set these wrongs to right?
Rebel, Rebel, where are you? Didn't we as a whole
generation in the 60's and 70's swear to ourselves, each-other, and our children that this
world would be a better place for one and all if
the changes we made were made? OK, agreed, we all
know that there's certain aspects, groups, fanatics, cultures, and idiots who preach hatred,
murder, terror, and genocide against the rest of the world whose members didn't listen to Bob Dylan or read 'Steal This Book' and therefore lack any social commitment to the betterment of all. They do pose a serious problem but one in which I'm sure that we can eliminate by saturation bombings of every damn last one of 'em in any country that hides or protects them and set their plans back a 100 or so years.
By then, with global warming, pollution, population growth, and world hunger we'll be ready for the New Fanatics. In the meantime, lets inform the leaders we elected that the continued loss of life by Americans and our Allies due to our own stupidity has to cease now!!! Stand-up, become the Hangman, speak about
the truths and hold our leaders to higher morals
and beliefs. Peace

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