This Year, I'm Taking Santy Claus Down!!  

electricbob3 61M
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12/23/2005 11:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

This Year, I'm Taking Santy Claus Down!!

It's already almost one a.m. and the guy on the local radio who has been assigned to track Santy Claus from the North Pole says that the prick hasn't even left yet! What a crock of shit! I did the damn calulations, Claus would of HAD to of left yesterday morning with those slow-ass old
reindeer he has. That red nosed fucker, Rudy, must be a hundred years old now and I'm suppose to believe that he can still fly and guide a sleigh tonight? Bullshit!
It's been my yearly mission, since age 12 when I asked the old white haired freak for one simple item and he ignored me like I had the clap, to take him down. I'll either kill him if I'm lucky, or hurt him bad enough that he won't be flyin around fuckin with little kids head anymore. I practiced with my 410/22 over and under for at least 3 hours each day at clippin' a fly's ass at a thousand meters so I can be sure of hitting that fat-ass, lyin s.o.b. Claus.
Shuuuuuusssssh! I hear a noise, I bet that it's him tryin to squeeze his gut past the razor wire I put over the chimmney, hopefull he'll cut his ass up good! Yeah, I use to like him until he pulled that lyin-ass shit to me. Now, as far as I'm concerned it'd serve him right to get hit head on by one of 747 airliners, him and the stinkin'ass reindeer. What's with those angels who constantly put up with Claus, and others like him, that always need a hand? I think it's time to fight, fuck, or hit the fence, so as he sticks his fat head out of my fireplace, I'll blow it off. Hopefully he'll be hurting so bad that his great grandkids will be born sayin 'ouch'!!!
Alright now, here he comes, don't nobody make a sound or you'll get what he's gonna get!! Come on Santy dude, come to pappa! I's got some shit for you that cookies and milk can't touch. Ok, just a steady pressure on this trigger as he turns around to face the music......what the fuck? Fly? What the hell are you doing wearing that freaks' Santy Suit? be continued....

electricbob3 61M
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12/24/2005 2:52 am

Mizhunyhole, it's a honor to have you visit my humble blog, you have so many posts it's incredible. What does LMAO stand for anyway? Peace, Bob

Fly, thanks again for stopping by, come again when you can chat longer, spread that luv girl.......

blue_1959 57M
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12/25/2005 4:24 pm

I can't believe you'd say such a thing. Shooting at Santa? With a 410/22? Do you know what taht will do to your fireplace? I hope your using shot and not slugs...
Antway, I'm with you tonight in your silent vestage. Hope your enjoying Xmas w/the family.
By the way, Duststormdiva referred me (and others) to this sight in her blog to support you in your vigil.
And LMOA=laughed my ass off.

electricbob3 61M
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12/25/2005 9:22 pm

Thanks Blue, appreciate the support, and Duststoromdiva too, thank you all for taking the time to read my mess of writings. Anytime you all got the time, I've got a story! Merry ChristBirth, and I'm glad you explained what those LMOA letters stood for. The only abbrebriations I really ever knew, besides electrical, were military. Have a great New Year!!

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