The VooDoo Child, Part 2  

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3/29/2006 10:48 pm
The VooDoo Child, Part 2

Gloria and I eased the Fiat I stoled through the
Missouri snowstorm, passing the vodka bottle back and forth, listening to KSHE real rock radio
and getting to know each other. A number of times
she'd place her left hand on the inside of my right thigh and squeeze or caress as if to emphasize a point she was talking about or to the
groove of a real good tune.
Whatever the case, it was working well on my own
urges and my cock had gotten harder than Chinese
Arithmetic inside my jeans and was throbbing to
be set free and recieve release.
The snow was getting so bad that I strained to see the road ahead at times and we suffered some
real close calls with hitting the ditch. It didn't seem to scare Gloria much but I don't think there was anything that did. She had some
sort of underlying hardness that I couldn't really put my figure on or explain but being one
real hardass myself, I recognized it in her.
" Tom, lets find a hotel in the town ahead so I
can suck and fuck you until this storm ends" She
struck me with those words as if she'd hit me in
the face with a sledgehammer. Damn, I was caught
off-guard and felt out-manuevered all the way by
Gloria and her sexuality that was as noticable as
a faggot in Boys Town.
" I did't get to the bank before it closed so I'm
a mite shy of funds for a hotel Gloria." I lied,
not wanting her to know that I was a bum, thief,
and hadn't seen a bank account in my name in more
than 15 years but knew every mission, hobo camp,
hippie crash-pad, and dope house west of the
" Not a problem Tom, I've got some money and I don't mind spending it, especially on a guy who'll take me all the way to my brother's house
on a whim." Another surprise from her and I instantly wondered just how much money she had and how I'll be able to make change for her-change it from her pocket to mine that is! I did
grunt a reply that sounded like it could be an agreement or a lame, " I pay you back after I hit
the bank" but Gloria just kept smiling and didn't
seem concerned.
A few slow, slick miles later we came to the town
of Sullivan and found a small roadside cottages
motel that were built all along old Route 66 in
the 30's, 40's, and 50's. I sat in the car watching as Gloria signed the register, paid the
$34.00 fee, and was handed a key attached to a
2"x4" wooden block by a haggard looking gray-haired woman in a worn housecoat.
" We're in Cottage number 9 the lady said, it's
all the back at the end of the drive next to the
woods and has a small kitchenette." Gloria pointed towards the snow covered drive as she spoke and I spun tires, slide in every direction
and did a couple of complete donuts until I was
finally able to put the car in what we decided to
accept as Cottage number 9's parking spot.
Once inside the room and I managed to get the old
wall heater going Gloria stripped out of her clothes as if I was paying her by the hour and hopped on the bed. " I need to shower girl." I
said in a joking voice. Gloria's only reply was
for me to hurry up, and I did!
We fucked and sucked, licked and kissed each other into so many orgasms that I lost count by
the time daylight started to filter in through the worn curtains on the window. The next thing I
recall was the heavy thump-thump of a lawman telling us to open up now and keep our hands where he can see them! Fuck!! The fucker must of
drove through here and ran the license plate on the Fiat and got a hit on the hot list. Gloria
called out, " I'm opening the door officer, we aren't armed or dangerous," and before I could
protest or react she unlocked the cottage door and let the officer step in with his gun pointed
right at my naked groin. As he was informing me
and her of our rights with his full attention on
me I was totally baffled by why he had what looked like blood ooozing from the corner of his
mouth. I couldn't believe my eyes as I lay on the
bed and watched the cop just collaspe onto the
floor as his gun fell onto the foot of the bed.
" What the fuck....." I'd started to say as I saw
Gloria's smile and shining eyes draw me to the
bloody knife she held in her hand. If wasn't one
of those little pocket knives or a paring knife or anything. Gloria held my goddamn Bowie Knife that most folks refered to as a Arkansas ToothPick. She appeared overjoyed that she'd just
killed a fucking cop and we were now going to be
on every fucking law enforcement officer's and
wanna-be-auxillary deputy's shoot to kill list in
a 6 state area! I think I fell in love with her at that very moment. This was a woman that I'd not experienced before. Gloria was evil, and evil
attracts evil, so our souls were mated in Hell by
ole Lucifer himself and our meeting wasn't a fluke.
I got up from the bed, closed the cottage door and checked the cops pulse. Deader than my ex-wife's sex-drive but not as ugly I'd say and then
I grabbed Gloria into my arms and kissed her with
all the passion I've ever thought possible. This
seemed to please her and we both sunk to the rat's ass carpeted floor and riffled through the
cop's pockets to see what booty the kill awarded
us. Hmmmmm, a wallet with 83 dollars, some credit
cards, a set of car keys for a Ford with house keys attached. Loose change, a small penknife, and of course his gun, ammo, and walkie-talkie.
" We'll need to get outta here quick girl" I stated the obvious as Gloria and I went about the
room gathering our things and loading them into the Fiat. As we did I knew that we'd have to change cars fast because if he'd called this one in it would be looked for as if it was a winning
PowerBall ticket. As we made our way by the hotel
office I noticed the old gray-haired woman at the
counter and counting money from the cash register. I slide to a quick stop, got out of the car and entered the office. As the woman looked up I lifted the cop's 357 revolver and fired one shot blowing the whole back of her head away to splatter on the wall 8 feet behind.
I gathered up the cash and hurried back out to the car and as I tossed the money to Gloria and
got behind the wheel she laughed so loud and hard
that it was all I could do to make our way back onto the hiway. Between us the walkie-talkie was
chattering up a storm because the dispatcher couldn't get a response for the dead officer. Gloria pointed to an address in the cop's wallet and we worked out way through Sullican until we
found the split-level, neatly kept home. We got
out and walked up to the front door as if we owned it and I inserted the house key from the
keychain he'd had and opened the door.
As Gloria and I walked up the four or five steps
to the upper level a sleepy sounding woman called
out, " honey? Is that you home so early already?
Do you need me to help you with something?" We
walked straight back to the bedroom where the voice was coming from and was pleasantly surprised to see a fine looking 25 to 30 year old
blond with a teddy bear nightie on laying on the
bed with a "who the hell are you" look on her face. Before she could say one more word Gloria
had her hand over her mouth as I started tearing
strips of sheets and tied her up spread eagle on the bed. " Can I do her first sweetie before you
fuck her to death?" Gloria asked me and I smiled
an agreement as I watched Gloria lick, suck, and
finger-fuck the bound and helpless woman. After a
while I decided to check the rest of the house out but first I parked the Fiat in the empty stall of the 2 car garage. Looking at the car in
the other stall I knew we'd found our new ride.

Part 3 coming soon

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