The Mystery Of The Mysterious Mystery II  

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12/5/2005 8:03 am

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The Mystery Of The Mysterious Mystery II

I coughed until my face turned purple and spit a fowl looking mass into my office trash can then grabbed for another cigarette to ease the cough. As I reached into my desk drawer for the fifth of bourbon to assist the cigarettes mission, for the second time in as many weeks I heard the tell-tale click, clack, of a womans' heels on metal steps. As I was attempting to squeeze underneath my old surplus desk the door swung open. "did you lose a contact Mr. Shit or are you waiting to give the mailman a blowjob" she asked in her slinky tone of voice that had a way of making my penis as hard as Chinese arithmetic.
It was the perfumed Dame, a recent customer who I'd helped a week ago. I notice her scent had improved and her knees and elbows were clean. She must of found a new line of work I figured.
" The name is pronounced, 'chi-et', not shit", I informed her in a somewhat menencing tone. It yurked me that some people savaged the english language. " and what do I owe this pleasure to Miss? You can see that I'm busy tracking down a kidnapper and finding the Mistress of a rich Mob Boss for his wife. But if you have cash I'm sure that I can work your case in."
She came over to the corner of my desk and placed one of the finest asses God ever blessed a woman with on the edge. As I gulped down the Fred Flintstone glass of bourbon to steady my resolve she picked up the bottle I'd carelessly left exposed and drank like a Russian sailor. I knew then that her bill would be doubled, that was my last bottle. Sexpot beauty or not, she'd crossed the line.
" I was driving down Ventura Blvd. this morning and saw a sign, must of been a sign from God and it told me that I needed to ' find yourself '. I know that your ad on the walls of woman's restrooms says that you specialize in finding things, so I want to hire you to find myself. Here's 300 dollars and I have more if you need it"
Assuming that her medication wasn't quite working I snatched the money from her manicured hand and reassured her that it would indeed cost more due to the technical aspects of her case and the extra manpower I'd need. I stuffed the cash in my front pocket and told her to have a seat, we'll conduct a debriefing.
" Now, where were you on the night of April 15th, 2005?
" Doing my tax return with my personal accountant" she replied a bit to quickly.
" Did John write most of the Beatles songs or did Paul?
" John wrote everything except Yesterday I think"
She was a cool one that's for sure.
" If my penis is 8 inches in length and it leaves Chicago on the Pacific Flyer at 12:05a.m. and travels at 75 mph how long will it take my balls to catch up if they leave at 12:06?"
I used this question to break down the common criminals habitual lying patterns and as I watched her eyes I knew that I'd gotten to her.
" Your cock isn't eight inches, more like 5, or even 4 on a good day" she insisted.
"Well, if you'll excuse me Miss I think I've got all the info I need and I'll remind you that our converstions are strictly confidential and details of such should remain so. I'll call you in a day or so to get more, ah I mean to report my progress and perhaps conduct further questioning.
As her heels click clacked down the hall towards the stairs I watched the sway of her ass, looked as if there was 2 puppies wrestling inside a guney sack. I called the cab company that delivered my booze and cigarettes and asked for a triple dose of both. Putting my feet up on the desk I felt content by the knowledge that once again, I had a case where I could make a difference in this world. A good day for a P.I.

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1/9/2006 12:10 am

Brought your own bottle Dys? You are truly a woman after my own heart
and hopefully other organs of my manly physic.

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