Smudged Today  

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1/8/2006 10:44 pm

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Smudged Today

Performed my new year ritual today and smudged my home with sage & sweetgrass. Did all the corners and small areas where the 'evil' enjoys
hiding so they can pounce when ya least expect it
Yes, I believe it works. My grandmother on my father's side was full-blooded Cheyenne (Lakota) and although I'm a non-practicing Lutheran I feel
that I must attend to my Native American blood &
use the sacred rituals grandma taught me to ward
off evil spirits. Each year it seems to work, but
that's an unbias opinion due to the lack of past
or recent evil spirit awareness.
I was convinced back in 1975 when grandma, 83 years old then, fell off of her roof while she was making needed repairs. The actual fall didn't kill her, in fact, it was while she was replacing the roof that leaked. I asked her later
that day how she fell and she replied that the evil spirits pushed her off of the 32 foot ladder
and of course I believed her. Yes, I was young,
but I wasn't stupid, yet, and I had faith in all
the customs, rituals, and beliefs my elders let
me experience. If more of todays youth took the
time to listen to what their grandparents said I
think we'd all benefit. So, if you haven't smudged your house yet this is a perfect time of
year to do so. You don't need any Native American
blood-line to do so, it works as long as you just
add a little faith to the sage and sweetgrass.

electricbob3 61M
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1/9/2006 10:01 pm

Thanks Tam, I'd love to share some more of those traditions with you in stories, song, and ritual. If you can, call me. I have some news
for you. Bye my lovely friend, & of course I'll keep spreadin' it, Bob

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