Sick! Man Have I been SICK!!!  

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12/14/2005 5:50 pm

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Sick! Man Have I been SICK!!!

I think I'm at deaths edge. Yeah, so yousay it's only a cold or flu, but I say that I think death is right around the corner of my bedroom door, just sitting there watching, watching patiently as only death can. Hmmmmm, how do I know that death is 'patient'? Holy Christ! What if death isn't patient, and it's sitting around the corner because NOW IS MY TIME!!!!
I went to the doctor today because certain people in my life said that I was over-reacting to this 'bad cold', can you believe it? They have the fuckin' nerve to call it a 'bad cold' when I know as sure as I'm writing this that I was on the brink, BRINK I TELL YOU, of certain death. So I go to my regular doc, Dana, cause she's the best damn looking female doctor in the whole state, and I'm shown into the little exam room and asked to sit up on the table, this is always my favorite part ecause I imagine Dana coming thru the door, slinging herself upon my half naked body and tearing off her clothes as she kisses me and...........but in walks Roberta, the nurse.
Roberta is really Robert, a trans-gender person who I think is cool. He/she does make me a little nervous at times, especially when she says things like, " all you need to feel better is a long, hard, sensual, ride to heaven baby". For some reason, even with her looking better in her nurses uniform than 90 percent of the real female nurses around, she makes me skittish.
roberta: How are you today big boy?
Me: (as my penis shrinks inward) I'm fine
roberta: then why are you here? Just come in to see what I was doing this saturday so we could bump humps or what?
Me: Ahhhh, no, I got the fuc', I mean, flu I think and wanted to see if Dana could give me a shot or something!
roberta: Honey, I got what you need a shot of, so lets start by taking your temp, ok?
Me: ( I swear she drew that thermometer outta her bra, between those silicone mounds) I'mmmmmmmmmm
roberta: Now you just hush, keep that in your mouth under your tongue, baby? Why are your eyes bugging out like that? Did Roberta fart? Oh you're such a...ah here's the doctor now!

So, I got a prescription, I feel much better now, so I'm wondering if I should put Roberta's phone number in my blog since she/he insisted that I take it in case I get to feeling worse? I'm thinking that maybe she could help a few of my friends here on AdultFriendFinder!! As the Fly said, keep spreadin' the luv!!!!

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